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A Look at June

29 Jun

Other than adventure Tuesdays and swimming. I haven’t really posted the daily happenings of our summer so far. Here is a quick review if June in the Mack house.

It started off with a waterslide party at a friend from school’s house. Mothers got to witness the behavior of their daughters that I have witnessed and complained about for awhile. I couldn’t help but giggle. I was proud that Missy Mack went out of her way to be a friend to a neighbor girl who didn’t know anyone.


It has been doll city at the Mack house. I moved all dolls and their gear into Missy Mack’s cleaned out closet so that the dolls can have their own room. We had a doll salon day. The dolls got their hair ‘did’ and cleaned up.




There has been some sassy belt wearing with clip on earrings and hat wearing.



We made a tiny build a bear from a kit at Michaels. I should say, I made because Missy Mack mostly whined and stuffed.



Cobbler and cracker making.



A gym birthday party for sweet Elle, whose Daddy got bit by rattlesnake this week. Yikes.



Our child has gotten so long that when she falls asleep in the car, it’s difficult to carry inside.


Father’s Day



Last Tuesday for our adventure, I was teaching and not feeling well so when we arrived home this was the sign in the garage door.

Inside, the living room was made into a giant tent with sleeping bags on the floor, star wars movies and popcorn popped.


There has been a lot of performances by Missy Mack. She comes downstairs, sings and dances. It makes no sense and I am concerned about her white girl sense of rhythm. I am still working on uploading video so once I learn, I will show an example. However, here is Missy Mack as a hula girl.


Last, a Cha Cha meeting at the LBJ library where they practiced drawing portraits of each other.




This weekend, we went to movies in the park where we laid under the stars on a blanket with popcorn and a slurpee while watching Nanny McPhee 2. Missy Mack’s eyes lit up and magic happened at a movie under the stars. She loved it! We loved it!

So that’s June. Not too exciting but staying up late, sleeping late and trying to soak up all the fun.


Adventure Tuesday: Deep Eddy

29 Jun

Adventure Tuesday has been cut short this Tuesday and last because I am teaching a cooking camp and Missy Mack has been attending with me. It has been so much fun and I will post about it with recipes later this week.

Anyway, after camp today we went to lunch as a family, which NEVER happens so that in itself is an adventure. Then we came home and napped, another never happens, so we could be rested for one if my requests: a dip in the Deep Eddy Pool: Deep Eddy. Lots of history here.

When Mr. Mack and I were dating, he worked at the City of Austin pools. His normal daily spot was the Northwest Pool (a normal neighborhood pool), but occasionally he worked at Deep Eddy. There are three spring fed pools in Austin: Barton Springs, Deep Eddy and Stacey. I have heard about these springs, listened to people talk about their uniqueness and read stories about people who are deeply committed to swimming in the springs. Some people swim there daily and have since they were very young. In fact, there was a little gray headed man there today swimming that Mr. Mack would see when he worked there 13 years ago.

Anyway, we headed to Deep Eddy today. There are two sections. A lap pool for very serious swimmers and a wading pool for the rest of the world. All three of the springs are 68-74 degrees year round. Chilly. It felt so awesome today. For several weeks now everyday on the weather report all you see is 100 or greater. The other great thing is Missy Mack can stand up in every part of the pool.



Right now, Deep Eddy is working on this mural project to show what it looked like 100 years ago. The artists were there working on it today. It is beautiful. I can’t wait to see it finished.


Missy Mack and I watched the lap swimmers for awhile. They are totally amazing. They make swimming those laps look effortless.


There were also these cute old ladies who meet there and walked the pool. Back and forth. Lunges. You name it. For about 30 min. I want an exercise buddy like that in a cool refreshing place.

As we left, we stopped and had some Jim Jim’s Water Ice. Yummy!



Here is what Deep Eddy looked like in 1914.


There is also a local vodka named Deep Eddy, which I have had and it is good, but their new product is this


I hear it’s perfect with some lemon soda! I can’t wait.

I hope your Tuesday was adventurous!

A Royal Tea Party

26 Jun

Remember the big day for these two?


Well, we had a small royal tea party at the Mack house. We recorded it and gathered at our house after school. The girls were told to put on their fancy dresses to come see the princess get married. I printed off tons of printables. They had a scavenger hunt to go through where they checked off things they spotted on tv. They had Kate Middleton paper dolls. It was a royal good time.





The girls had pink tea and the grown ups had champagne. We served corque monsieur, pigs in a blanket, fruit and cupcakes.

One of our princess attendees happen to turn 7 on this special day so we sang and made wishes.



Of course the littlest ones joined in for cupcakes!



Missy Mack put on my wedding veil. It went perfect with her fancy dress.


Then it got late and all the glamour and fanciness wore off and the princesses began to turn into pumpkins.


Here are some links I used for the party:
Paper dolls:
Including the scavenger hunt:
I didn’t use this stuff but it’s darling!

Summer Swimming

21 Jun


I am so lucky to have a friend whose parents have a beautiful lake house on Lake Travis and we get invited to swim here and there and last week another friend joined us who is a photographer. Score! Go check out Ms. Elena Reid. She also makes the most delicious truffles that are a combo between truffle and a cake ball. We scored some of those too!









Strawberry Boogie

21 Jun

The day after we returned from Boston, was Missy Mack’s dance recital. Honey and Pops came in town so we had a weekend of spoiling ahead.

Missy Mack’s BFF came to see her dance.


She did this tap dance called the Strawberry Boogie. Cute little girls tapping and singing. My only complaint about the recital is they had all the little girls during this recital so it was group after group of little girls standing their stage struck while the music played and they just stood there not dancing. Looking really cute, not dancing. There was no dress rehearsal so it was the first time most of them had been on a stage.

Here are all the photos.







Notice the girl next to Missy Mack watching her the whole time. Now look at this bossy mcbossy.


And here are Missy Mack’s friends. Julia, in her dance class and her pre school class, and Rachel, who was in a different class and goes to her school. I teach with Rachel’s mom.



Missy Mack did great! We are so proud of our little strawberry.


Let’s see if I can figure how to upload a video so you can see her in action.

I couldn’t figure it out so if anyone knows how to upload video onto the iPad, I would love to learn.

Pre School Graduation

21 Jun

As silly as a pre school graduation might be, it sure is cute!


There was singing and dancing that was so cute and sweet.




There was waiting in line.


There was name announcements of the graduates.


Walking across the stage.


Diploma getting.



Graduation ended with a song of ‘Kindergarten Here We Come’ and cake.



We are so proud of these girls for surviving the year together.



Mostly, we are just glad that our year with these ladies is over.


Harvard ( said in a pretentious voice)

20 Jun

The last week of school, we traveled to Boston to see Lizzy Mack graduate from Harvard. All the in laws were there so you know it was a party.

We arrived at 11 PM and I bet Mr. Mack that the grandparents would be waiting at the gate for us. I lost, but they were opening the door of the cab when we got to the hotel.

The next morning we did a little visit to the Seneca party ( Lizzy Mack was the president of this women’s organization), then a campus tour.




Next, we had lunch on the Yard. This was the most impressive part of the few days. They had a picnic and there were hundreds if people there. There was no line. Just a large tent that had vinyl lunch bags with all packed with the lunches in them. You just picked from the three choices, take your bag and find a table. There were so many chairs in this place. It blew my mind.



A little visit to Pooh’s house.


Next up was the class day speeches. There was a girl that gave the funniest speech. You have to check it out here. She was great! Missy Mack grew pretty bored of this so I took her exploring. She found a stoned pattern at the bottom of some stairs that entered a dorm. Missy Mack decided this was her stage and began dancing putting on performance after performance. Tour groups of people kept walking through her and she just kept performing. We returned to our seats to find Lizzy Mack and Mr. Mack secretly sharing a six pack drinking out of paper cone cups. Awesome. I am sure their parents were proud. Next speaker, Amy Pohler!


I thought it was super funny. Mr. Mack wasn’t all that impressed. He thought it was good, but the girl from the graduating class was funnier. The next day was graduation. The President of Liberia. We skipped that part and explored on our own and saved seats for the family.


We had to bring along a friend.


We brought along noise makers so we could be loud, obnoxious and embarrassing. I even heard my FIL drop the F bomb because he got strange looks from the crowd while ringing his cow bell.


Harvard is organized by ‘houses’ and you get sorted into your house and that is where you live while you are in school. Lizzy Mack was in Quincy House. In Quincy, they have a husband and wife that are the house parents. Then they have an advisor, Judy, and tutors, who are graduate students. They call each student across the stage. Like yell their names. It went something like this (remember it’s in a loud booming voice). ‘Welcome graduate Charlie Brown. Charlie was a member of the Harvard future scientist, Charlie participated in Gay and Lesbian Rights group of Harvard, was known to throw a few back at the Queens Crown Pub. Charlie is graduating Cum Lade with a Bachelor of Arts in the History of the Pen and an emphasis in Mandarin Chinese. After traveling across Africa to bring medicine to remote villages, Charlie will be consulting for Smarty Farty in New York City.’ Obviously I am kidding, but only a little. Seriously. I only made up the graduate’s name and the company he will be working for Then each graduate hugged Judy, posed for pictures with the house parents and who ever else needed a photo. Eighty something people later, there was another catered lunch. The highlight of this lunch was the Harvard ice cream.






I promise, I am almost done.

Next, we went to the park where the ducks are from ‘Make Way For Ducklings’. Beautiful.




Now I know this picture looks sweet but Mr. Mack was actually whispering in her ear to get her act together.



Finally, Legal Seafood!


Here’s my dinner:


The in laws brought cute little details to make it special.



After some yummy dessert, it was off to bed for an early morning flight and to drop me off at school to finish off the last day as soon as we landed.