Adventure Tuesday

15 Jun

Mr. Mack has one day a week off. Tuesday. This summer we decided that each Tuesday would be deemed Adventure Tuesday, where we go on an adventure each Tuesday around town and no longer than an hour away. Last week we hit the trailers. Food trailers. I guess because we were on the hunt in the middle of the hot summer day instead of late night after hitting the bars, many of them were closed.

First we hit Jim Jim’s water ice, a favorite of Mr. Mack’s since he worked at Deep Eddy Pool where Jim Jim’s originated. The Jim Jim’s we hit happens to be right next to the lottery commission so at first I thought we had won the lottery. The dream died quick. I did pick up a lottery ticket on the way home because you can’t win if you don’t play. Lucky for me, I know just where to go if I am a winner. I found an app while eating my strawberry lemonade water ice that located all the trailers. We picked one, got into the car and a very embarrassing thing happened to me, which will be in a later post.

We headed to Torchy’s Tacos. Yumm. We ate and headed home to nap. We had a lovely family nap. Then we cooked out and watched a movie together.

This Tuesday we had tossed around lots of ideas, but Mr. Mack had his own ideas we went to bountiful for breakfast and headed west to Blanco with no plan so today ended up being a scouting adventure.

Here is where we ended up.




We were not dressed for a dip, but we wished we were. We have decided we need an adventure bag in the trunk with swim suits, towels, water shoes, sunscreen, socks, tennis shoes, water, snacks, camera, journal, cash and a blanket so we are ready for whatever the day may bring.

Next stop, lunch. We tweeted a blogger who adventures out west and writes about fun around Austin ( @wowaustin – way out west austin) to ask for a lunch suggestion in Blanco. We got the answer too late so we will have to come back and do a little fishing and swimming and hit up her suggestion. I got obsessed with drinks at our lunch destination, Rosebud Cafe. Blanco is known for their lavender farms and Real Ale, so I had to have lavender lemonade.


I also had been jonesing for coffee since I woke up. I thought bountiful would have it. Negative. Then small Texas towns don’t have a Starbucks on every corner. Why not? They should look into this issue. Anyway, I also got this Devine gift of foam, chocolate and caffeine.


Two things to notice in this picture besides the drink.

1. The cute oil cloth table clothes that were the decor in the cafe.

2. The old lady in the background with the prairie skirt and hat with ribbons, feathers and patriotic bows. Missy Mack said ‘It must be Halloween here’. Awesome.


Then we headed home for our family nap and woke up for dinner at a local hamburger joint that had this sign up on the wall.


I think I need it in my classroom. A little extra income.

Next, we headed for a sunset adventure where Mr. Mack reveals is his secret favorite spot in the city. Very often we travel down this road and wonder where are the people going from the cars parked on the side of the road? Here is the answer:




Stunning. Beautiful. Peaceful. We watched the sunset from the top of the city.




Of course, being Austin, we had to encounter weirdness. On the hike up, there were people coming down playing bongo drums. We saw a princess.


And saw many people coming in and out of this hole in the fence. Rule followers.


A perfect end to a perfect day.



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