Harvard ( said in a pretentious voice)

20 Jun

The last week of school, we traveled to Boston to see Lizzy Mack graduate from Harvard. All the in laws were there so you know it was a party.

We arrived at 11 PM and I bet Mr. Mack that the grandparents would be waiting at the gate for us. I lost, but they were opening the door of the cab when we got to the hotel.

The next morning we did a little visit to the Seneca party ( Lizzy Mack was the president of this women’s organization), then a campus tour.




Next, we had lunch on the Yard. This was the most impressive part of the few days. They had a picnic and there were hundreds if people there. There was no line. Just a large tent that had vinyl lunch bags with all packed with the lunches in them. You just picked from the three choices, take your bag and find a table. There were so many chairs in this place. It blew my mind.



A little visit to Pooh’s house.


Next up was the class day speeches. There was a girl that gave the funniest speech. You have to check it out here. She was great! Missy Mack grew pretty bored of this so I took her exploring. She found a stoned pattern at the bottom of some stairs that entered a dorm. Missy Mack decided this was her stage and began dancing putting on performance after performance. Tour groups of people kept walking through her and she just kept performing. We returned to our seats to find Lizzy Mack and Mr. Mack secretly sharing a six pack drinking out of paper cone cups. Awesome. I am sure their parents were proud. Next speaker, Amy Pohler!


I thought it was super funny. Mr. Mack wasn’t all that impressed. He thought it was good, but the girl from the graduating class was funnier. The next day was graduation. The President of Liberia. We skipped that part and explored on our own and saved seats for the family.


We had to bring along a friend.


We brought along noise makers so we could be loud, obnoxious and embarrassing. I even heard my FIL drop the F bomb because he got strange looks from the crowd while ringing his cow bell.


Harvard is organized by ‘houses’ and you get sorted into your house and that is where you live while you are in school. Lizzy Mack was in Quincy House. In Quincy, they have a husband and wife that are the house parents. Then they have an advisor, Judy, and tutors, who are graduate students. They call each student across the stage. Like yell their names. It went something like this (remember it’s in a loud booming voice). ‘Welcome graduate Charlie Brown. Charlie was a member of the Harvard future scientist, Charlie participated in Gay and Lesbian Rights group of Harvard, was known to throw a few back at the Queens Crown Pub. Charlie is graduating Cum Lade with a Bachelor of Arts in the History of the Pen and an emphasis in Mandarin Chinese. After traveling across Africa to bring medicine to remote villages, Charlie will be consulting for Smarty Farty in New York City.’ Obviously I am kidding, but only a little. Seriously. I only made up the graduate’s name and the company he will be working for Then each graduate hugged Judy, posed for pictures with the house parents and who ever else needed a photo. Eighty something people later, there was another catered lunch. The highlight of this lunch was the Harvard ice cream.






I promise, I am almost done.

Next, we went to the park where the ducks are from ‘Make Way For Ducklings’. Beautiful.




Now I know this picture looks sweet but Mr. Mack was actually whispering in her ear to get her act together.



Finally, Legal Seafood!


Here’s my dinner:


The in laws brought cute little details to make it special.



After some yummy dessert, it was off to bed for an early morning flight and to drop me off at school to finish off the last day as soon as we landed.


2 Responses to “Harvard ( said in a pretentious voice)”

  1. Cindy June 22, 2011 at 2:42 pm #

    OMG – it looks gorgeous – congrats to Lizzy Mack – what’s she going to do now??? Amazing accomplishmnet for her. Glad you survived the time with the in-laws! Love the sharing beers from paper cups and Missy Mack’s “Get your act together” photo – classic!!

  2. Casey June 22, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    Holy lobster!

    Congrats on the grad!!!!!!

    I love Boston. LOVE. That’s next on my list to move to.

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