A Look at June

29 Jun

Other than adventure Tuesdays and swimming. I haven’t really posted the daily happenings of our summer so far. Here is a quick review if June in the Mack house.

It started off with a waterslide party at a friend from school’s house. Mothers got to witness the behavior of their daughters that I have witnessed and complained about for awhile. I couldn’t help but giggle. I was proud that Missy Mack went out of her way to be a friend to a neighbor girl who didn’t know anyone.


It has been doll city at the Mack house. I moved all dolls and their gear into Missy Mack’s cleaned out closet so that the dolls can have their own room. We had a doll salon day. The dolls got their hair ‘did’ and cleaned up.




There has been some sassy belt wearing with clip on earrings and hat wearing.



We made a tiny build a bear from a kit at Michaels. I should say, I made because Missy Mack mostly whined and stuffed.



Cobbler and cracker making.



A gym birthday party for sweet Elle, whose Daddy got bit by rattlesnake this week. Yikes.



Our child has gotten so long that when she falls asleep in the car, it’s difficult to carry inside.


Father’s Day



Last Tuesday for our adventure, I was teaching and not feeling well so when we arrived home this was the sign in the garage door.

Inside, the living room was made into a giant tent with sleeping bags on the floor, star wars movies and popcorn popped.


There has been a lot of performances by Missy Mack. She comes downstairs, sings and dances. It makes no sense and I am concerned about her white girl sense of rhythm. I am still working on uploading video so once I learn, I will show an example. However, here is Missy Mack as a hula girl.


Last, a Cha Cha meeting at the LBJ library where they practiced drawing portraits of each other.




This weekend, we went to movies in the park where we laid under the stars on a blanket with popcorn and a slurpee while watching Nanny McPhee 2. Missy Mack’s eyes lit up and magic happened at a movie under the stars. She loved it! We loved it!

So that’s June. Not too exciting but staying up late, sleeping late and trying to soak up all the fun.


One Response to “A Look at June”

  1. Cindy June 30, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    Looks like fun times in the Mack house!!! Her white girl rythym sounds just like Chatty’s!! Love it!

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