Adventure Tuesday: Deep Eddy

29 Jun

Adventure Tuesday has been cut short this Tuesday and last because I am teaching a cooking camp and Missy Mack has been attending with me. It has been so much fun and I will post about it with recipes later this week.

Anyway, after camp today we went to lunch as a family, which NEVER happens so that in itself is an adventure. Then we came home and napped, another never happens, so we could be rested for one if my requests: a dip in the Deep Eddy Pool: Deep Eddy. Lots of history here.

When Mr. Mack and I were dating, he worked at the City of Austin pools. His normal daily spot was the Northwest Pool (a normal neighborhood pool), but occasionally he worked at Deep Eddy. There are three spring fed pools in Austin: Barton Springs, Deep Eddy and Stacey. I have heard about these springs, listened to people talk about their uniqueness and read stories about people who are deeply committed to swimming in the springs. Some people swim there daily and have since they were very young. In fact, there was a little gray headed man there today swimming that Mr. Mack would see when he worked there 13 years ago.

Anyway, we headed to Deep Eddy today. There are two sections. A lap pool for very serious swimmers and a wading pool for the rest of the world. All three of the springs are 68-74 degrees year round. Chilly. It felt so awesome today. For several weeks now everyday on the weather report all you see is 100 or greater. The other great thing is Missy Mack can stand up in every part of the pool.



Right now, Deep Eddy is working on this mural project to show what it looked like 100 years ago. The artists were there working on it today. It is beautiful. I can’t wait to see it finished.


Missy Mack and I watched the lap swimmers for awhile. They are totally amazing. They make swimming those laps look effortless.


There were also these cute old ladies who meet there and walked the pool. Back and forth. Lunges. You name it. For about 30 min. I want an exercise buddy like that in a cool refreshing place.

As we left, we stopped and had some Jim Jim’s Water Ice. Yummy!



Here is what Deep Eddy looked like in 1914.


There is also a local vodka named Deep Eddy, which I have had and it is good, but their new product is this


I hear it’s perfect with some lemon soda! I can’t wait.

I hope your Tuesday was adventurous!


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