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Insta Friday

30 Jul

A few blogs I check in on from time to time do an Instagram Friday post with a link up so I decided to do the same with a simple little post.

Today, I had one of those days where Missy Mack decided to hang onto her little girlness a little bit longer. She fit into a dress I love that I thought was too small, she asked for pigtails and she sat in my lap during the movies and cuddled me the whole time. My heart was swelling and asking for this moment to last forever. I soaked in every moment. Pure bliss.

Later, while we were talking on my bed at home, I noticed that one of her pigtails made the perfect ringlet curl (just like Susan in the Ramona books).

Make her stay little forever….



Downtown Adventure

28 Jul

Yesterday, our Tuesday adventure was around Downtown Austin. Seriously, we barely left 4th-12th streets. We started our day, at Franks. I have done nothing but hear about Frank’s since Mr. Mack found Franks. Franks and their coffee, Franks and their chicken and waffles. Frank, Frank, Frank. So, finally Missy Mack and I were taken to breakfast at Franks.

We have decided that we would like to adopt the drinking out of ball jars, like that do at Franks and many other hipster places these days. Tonight, at the store, we spent $8 on our new glassware and we are super excited!

Next, stop, the Texas Capital. Missy Mack has been asking to see inside the capital. We have been there a few times, but not inside, so we took her.

Then we visited the scene of the crime, where I fell and hit my head coming out of the Senate Chamber. Here is what I learned. I fell far down the stairs, that door is hard, and there is a door stop at the bottom of the door that is very loose now- I am pretty sure my arm did that. It felt good to face the door, the stairs and show Mr. Mack and Missy Mack to where it all went down.

As we were leaving, it was lunch time and I found it cute and interesting that many older men were camped out on the lawn of the capital with their lawn chairs and coolers having lunch. They varied in age so I wonder, if this a daily routine, weekly or do they work at the capital and just how they choose to spend lunch on a 105 degree day?

For lunch we headed to Missy Mack’s favorite, Schlostzkys, an Austin original. I couldn’t get over this place. Yes, I have been to them before, many times. However, I haven’t been to the original spot. Missy Mack has been on a field trip and has talked about it non-stop.  It does everything. A bakery, a sandwich place, ice cream, Cinnabon and it has one of those Coke Freestyle machines. Cool, peach sprite.

We have been toying around with the idea of renting a condo downtown and living in the sky, so we went to check these digs out. We waiting in the lobby to get the tour. Here is the art:

We checked out the pool.

We traveled to the 26th floor to look at a 2 bedroom with a balcony view of the lake and an amazing kitchen. It was swanky. It was cool, but Mr. Mack wouldn’t look out the window. He stayed close to the wall and wouldn’t allow Missy Mack to check out the balcony. Silly. The other problem, no playroom. Where the hell would all the fucking toys in our lives go? In the freight elevator? Or maybe in the $100 a month parking spot?

I have been wanting to check out this Dr. Seuss art exhibit at a gallery on 5th street. I have thought about taking my kindergarteners on a field trip because I do a unit on Seuss. I know a stupid amount of information on Seuss. I figure, Missy Mack’s take on the exhibits would give me an idea on if they would like it. Here is what I know, adults will think this is really cool, kids, not so much.  Cool stuff….

I want this one:

And here is one for our economic situation:

On the way home we drove around neighborhoods connected to downtown and looked at the fancy houses, with the fancy lawns, their columns and service entrances while we made lots of ridiculous jokes about being rich.

We ended our day with a little night swim. A long, fun day!

What’s Been Goin on?

26 Jul

We are on our 40th day of over 100 degree weather. Awesome. Last week for adventure Tuesday, we traveled 10 min down the road to Oasis, TX to check out this new little brewery, Uncle Billy’s. Great views.

We had a little flight to check out the beers.


As we were leaving, it began to rain a little bit. Wow!



There were artist there working on this cow creation of Texas singer song writers for a benefit.  An annual Cows on Parade benefiting Dell Children’s hospital. This thing is AMAZING!


There were all these weird statues around the place.


The next day we met our BFFs for Children’s Art Day in the park put on by the Austin Symphony, which sounds like a cool thing and I guess it would be if it if it wasn’t 95 degrees at 10 AM. The Biscuit Brothers were there and they are favorites. Every mother and child in Austin were there too.




Why mothers, including myself do shit like this to ourselves and I children, I don’t know. They had a tent with face painting that immediately was too full and every child wad whining or crying while every mother was letting out exasperated sighs and everyone was dripping with sweat. We solved our problem with lunch and a margarita.

Missy Mack’s first backpack and new lunch bag arrived for kindergarten and she is super excited and super sparkly.


Missy Mack also talked her Daddy into letting her paint his toe nails.




I know this is some exciting stuff, but it is what it is.

Date Night

21 Jul

Last Friday, Mr. Mack and I had a date. This never happens. We couldn’t find a sitter. Since we don’t do this often, I don’t have an army of sitters up my sleeve. Luckily, Rolly Pollies, was having a Parent’s Night out. It is a perfect combo. 3 hours of fun with other kids for Missy Mack and 3 hours of adult time for the Mr. and me.

We went to see a concert in my most favorite place to see a concert in Austin:

Here is the view of the sunset as we left:

It’s the One World Theatre and we saw, Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis, my favorites. They are husband and wife Texas singer song writers and other than their annual Christmas concert, they don’t usually perform together. They are so cute and absolutely magical together.

The thing about seeing a show at the One World Theatre you are in for the most intimate show you will ever see. I have seen plays there, weddings and concerts and they have managed to create a space that feels like your living room where you are sitting amongst friends. It is dark and small and you can see every expression on the performers faces.

We shared a bottle of wine, sang along and decided that it was the best concert we have ever seen and we have seen some good stuff (Dylan, Paul Simon, blah, blah, blah).

Here are some photos from Instagram I took during and after the show. There is something special about a large bass and a steel guitar.

Here’s the party tent

This is exactly my dream 40th birthday party. A party at the One World Theatre with Bruce and Kelly. A girl can dream, right?

Thanks Bruce and Kelly for a magical evening.

I need my own Nail Salon

20 Jul

We are a little nail happy here at the Mack house. At least once a week I do Missy Mack’s nails. Honey supplies us with lots of fun polish and with all the cool trends. We have a big make-up bag full of our rainbow of fun. Here are some of our supplies.

Lots of colors of polish.

A manicure set. I don’t use all this stuff. The clippers, the file and the cuticle tool.

Crackle polish. We have black, gold & silver.

It looks like this:

You put a fun color on the base layer and then swipe the crackle polish over the top. As it dries, it starts to crackle. It lasts longer than regular polish.

I also have this nail polish pen that I use to make stripes, stars, flowers, polka dots, you name it. I would like to have other colors.

You can use it two ways. One side is a pen like a white out pen and the other side has a long thin brush for stripes.

The newest thing we have tried is Sally Hansen Salon Effects. The website has a good short video that explains the process. It is not hard, but it is time consuming and requires patience. Missy Mack was a bit grumpy on the day we experimented so we almost had a fist a cuff, but it sure is cute.

Here is what the box looks like:

Here are what the nails look like:

Here is what ours look like:

I need my own salon. Only for kids though. I don’t want any whiny ass adults.

Hello Dolly

19 Jul


Someone has an obsession in this house and it is not me. Well, maybe I have an obsession, but I am not admitting it here. At least not today.

It is doll city in the Mack house.


Missy Mack left Molly and Emily at Honey’s house. This arrived in the mail today.

Plus a few surprises in the box

We love that Honey.

This is what every room of our upstairs looked like yesterday when we woke up:

Even in the bathroom

and the stairs


There are beds and cozy places for each of our thousand dolls. It is out of control. Seriously. The child makes lists all day long of more that she wants. She is not picky. A doll is a doll and she can take care of it. A friend of ours told her that she would have to give some dolls to poor children before she could get some more. Missy Macks response, ‘but I love them all’.

It is really very sweet and I am thrilled that she is playing with dolls. It is good for her imagination, creative play, and working out things through play. However, it is taking over our house.

Anyone else have a house that looks like this?

Summer Reading

16 Jul

So, summer is for fun, sun and reading. I have to admit that we haven’t been as diligent about reading as we were last summer. Last summer, I started reading chapter books to Missy Mack. We read a child’s version of Alice in Wonderland, The Molly American Girl Books and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. This summer, I decided to introduce Missy Mack to my next favorite girl in the world,

Ramona Quimby. So far we have read, Beezus and Ramona, Ramona the Pest, Ramona the Brave and next we will start on Ramona and Her Mother and continue with Ramona and her Father, Ramona, Age 8 and Ramona’s World. Do you know about Ramona? She was my favorite growing up. Beverly Clearly does such a great job describing what most likely goes on in the mind of a precautious young girl. Find out about her here and here is a great site with tons of fun stuff all things Ramona and Beverly Clearly. I told a friend this week that she should read these books with her daughter because her daughter reminds me of Ramona. Later that day, this interesting article arrived in my twitter in box about Ms. Clearly, who is 95! It mentions that she has written two memoirs. I may need to check those out.

Today, we are checking out Beezus and Ramona the movie. It is a combination of all the books. I have to say, I am very impressed with the cast of characters: Selena Gomez, Josh Duhamel, Ginnefer Goodwin, John Corbett, & Sandra Oh. Missy Mack was disappointed that it didn’t have her favorite parts in the movie, ‘I’m Having a Party’ & cooking her doll in the birthday cake. That Ramona! Overall, cute flick.

Recently, we went to a local bookstore, BookPeople, to see Mo Willems read and promote his two new books:

We love Mo! He is even better in person. So funny!

We got a poster and Missy Mack’s favorite book, Cat the Cat, Who’s That? signed. Missy Mack can read this book all by herself. First one ever! Mr. Willems has a great website, too, and the pigeon tweets!

There is a teacher, who I following on my teacher tweeter account, that is doing a summer tour of independent bookstores. What a fun idea! I want my child to have him as a teacher. He is super inspirational! Check or Mr. Schu Reads.

At the library, we are participating in their summer reading program. Missy Mack has filled up her first reading log and got her picture taken to hang up in the library. She is really proud. We are really proud. This time I checked out an audio book for Missy Mack to listen to in the car while we are running errands and such. Missy Mack’s grandmother also sent us all the forms for Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Half Price Books summer reading program. If you meet those requirements , you get a free book! Score!

I, myself, have had trouble getting motivated with my summer reading. I read a great young adult book that is a first in a series about a different perspective on Alice in Wonderland

and read Bossy Pants

And now I am stuck. I have started and stopped a few books. I usually eat in the summer. One a week. Not this summer. I checked this one out from the library in hopes I will be hooked.

Are you planning on seeing the last Harry Potter movie? They are always my favorite. These books go way back with Mr. Mack and I. I am sad for the whole thing to be over. Of course, the summer announcement tells me that maybe someone else doesn’t want them to be over.

I am also very excited to see The Help! Best book ever!

I’d love to hear about your summer reading.