A Celebratory Long Weekend

5 Jul


We have had a long weekend of celebrations. Friday was Mr. Mack and I’s 11th wedding anniversary. We decided we would take Missy Mack to the restaurant where Mr. Mack took me on our first date and where he asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. Romeo’s


Since we told Missy Mack that it was fancy, she insisted on wearing this hat.


And because we had a yummy cheeseburger from P. Terry’s on Adventure Tuesday, which is not a usual choice for Missy Mack, she insisted on ordering a cheeseburger at a great Italian restaurant. Once it arrived in its fancy presentation, she wanted no part of that cheeseburger. I am not sure if she was disappointed it wasn’t in a wrapper or what.

We listened to some live music, ate some great Italian food, drank delicious bellinis, Missy Mack got her first Shirley Temple, we stared longingly into each others eyes and then our child turned into a monster. Just when you think they ate grown up enough to handle nice places, they are not.

Before dinner, a friend came over to play dolls with Missy Mack while we went for a couples massage. Mine was great, but Mr. Mack thought he was on candid camera. It was such a bizarre massage, he has decided to give someone a gift of massage from this lady to play a cruel joke on them. This lady gathered his back fat and poked it with her pointer finger for a long time. Then she spent an abnormal amount of time on his earlobes. She also got uncomfortably close to his bits and did many movements that were more like tickling then massaging. We spent the rest if the night laughing and making jokes about the oogey massage.

Sunday, we headed to Honey and Pops house. I rented Mary Poppins on the iPad for Missy Mack to watch on our journey. She had never seen it and spent most if the trip squealing and giggling with pure delight over the movie. I love those moments.

For the fourth, Mr. Mack made delicious food and drinks. We ate ourselves silly and then headed out for fireworks.

Usually we sit on our porch and can see all the Austin area fireworks from our deck. There were no fireworks there because of the draught. This
was the first year that Missy Mack understood fireworks without being scared so we went to a spot really close. It was so loud and so big.









Missy Mack just returned from Cars 2 with Pops early. They left the movie early because Missy Mack’s stomach started hurting. She said she didn’t like the movie because there was evil in it. Has anyone seen it? Does this seem like a usual reaction to this movie?


One Response to “A Celebratory Long Weekend”

  1. Cindy July 6, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

    We saw Cars 2 this weekend and loved it! Yeah there were bad guys … but nothing abnormal. Sorry she didn’t like it. Love that you took her to your special place!!

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