We Eat All We Can We Sell The Rest

15 Jul

You know what I am talking about?

That is right, folks, Blue Bell Ice Cream. If you aren’t from Texas or haven’t visited Texas, this is the BEST ice cream that can be bought at the store, taken home and enjoyed at home, whenever your little heart desires. Their cows are said to live in paradise. It makes a good commercial, but I can assure you, that on the way to the little creamery in Texas, every cow in every pasture was coveting the scared shade under a tree because it is hot as hell all over Texas.

We met our good friends in Brenham, Texas for a little field trip. I went to college with Tina and her daughter, Avery, was born 6 months before Missy Mack. We were in each other’s weddings and have now known each other for over 15 years. We are both teachers and both lost our fathers too soon. She had a second child 20 something months ago. I have never in my life seen two children who are more mini me’s of their parents than these two. Avery looks just like her mother. Joshua is the spitting image of his daddy. Greg and Tina were the first people we told we were expecting Missy Mack when we were in Houston for Tina’s baby shower just days before she gave birth to Avery. Enough. Except look:

We had some time to kill before our tour began so we took the kids outside to play a bit. This is Bessie, or a statue of Bessie, the Blue Bell cow.

Here they are saying Moo for the camera:

On the old timey car

This is a great tour. It lasts about 40 min. Our girls could not take their eyes off the production room. They were really watching what was going on down there. Blue Bell does not allow picture taking once you enter the tour so I couldn’t show how cute they were holding hands, whispering and watching the employees of Blue Bell hard at work. Everyone was very happy. Both the people on the tour and the employees of Blue Bell. It is both cute and unfortunate that the cute girl who lead the tour, was dressed in a puffy sleeved blue and white gingham check dress with a with apron, white hose and black mary jane flats.

Here are some interesting facts about Blue Bell:

  • The employees to get to eat all the ice cream they would like
  • Every day they produce 3 flavors of ice cream. One is ALWAYS Homemade Vanilla and the other two are based on the demand from the stores. Whatever is selling the most.
  • Homemade Vanilla is the number flavor of Blue Bell ice cream sold. Cookies and Cream is second and Dutch Chocolate is third.
  • Blue Bell is the number 3 ice cream in the Nation. The top two are sold nation wide, but Blue Bell is only sold in a select number of states (mostly south) because they still like to think of themselves as a small creamery and they feel nationwide distribution would hurt the integrity of the ingredients used in making the ice cream. All real ingredients and the milk comes from dairy farms that are within a 200 mile radius. If the milk travels farther the quality of the milk begins to change.
  • Each year they have 50 flavors. 20 are permanent, 5-6 are new flavors and the rest are rotated based on seasons.
  • Each year 5-6 flavors are retired.
  • There are two colors of lids (gold or brown) this is a pricing code. Brown=more expensive ingredients
  • We also saw them make their ice cream sandwiches. It cranks out 180 a minute.
  • I also know why the lid is so hard to get off but it is hard to explain. It is about how they are packaged.
  • The new flavor they are working on is Mexican Chocolate Pecan Praline. I can’t wait!

After the tour, each person gets a generous scoop of ice cream. They have 16 flavors to pick from. I picked Mocha Almond Fudge (Rocky Road or Cookies and Cream are my favorite but I figure, go with something new), Missy Mack had Homemade Vanilla (her favorite), Avery had Mint Chocolate Chip and Tina shared her Triple Chocolate with Josh.

We shopped in the gift shop, where we each found prizes and then headed to lunch at a local pizza joint. The girls sat at a table together.

This place had kitchey art.


Xenia Warrior Princess

Wonder Woman

Here is the sign out front.

The kids put on a show for the poor old ladies trying to enjoy their lunch on the stage inside. Josh was a blur the whole day. All boy.

And then we had to say our goodbyes. Missy Mack would like Avery to become her sister. Our next plan is to take the girls to an Aggie game. Fun! We had a fun day with fun friends.


2 Responses to “We Eat All We Can We Sell The Rest”

  1. Cindy July 15, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    MMMMM…. ready for some icecream now!! They sell Blue Bell here in the desert – I may have to pick up some tonight when I hit the store now that I know how well it is made – love the natural ingredients and that the milk is made close to the plant … good info Mrs. Mack!!

    • mrsmerrymack July 15, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

      I also forgot to mention, you can get homemade vanilla across the nation at any outback steakhouse.

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