Summer Reading

16 Jul

So, summer is for fun, sun and reading. I have to admit that we haven’t been as diligent about reading as we were last summer. Last summer, I started reading chapter books to Missy Mack. We read a child’s version of Alice in Wonderland, The Molly American Girl Books and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. This summer, I decided to introduce Missy Mack to my next favorite girl in the world,

Ramona Quimby. So far we have read, Beezus and Ramona, Ramona the Pest, Ramona the Brave and next we will start on Ramona and Her Mother and continue with Ramona and her Father, Ramona, Age 8 and Ramona’s World. Do you know about Ramona? She was my favorite growing up. Beverly Clearly does such a great job describing what most likely goes on in the mind of a precautious young girl. Find out about her here and here is a great site with tons of fun stuff all things Ramona and Beverly Clearly. I told a friend this week that she should read these books with her daughter because her daughter reminds me of Ramona. Later that day, this interesting article arrived in my twitter in box about Ms. Clearly, who is 95! It mentions that she has written two memoirs. I may need to check those out.

Today, we are checking out Beezus and Ramona the movie. It is a combination of all the books. I have to say, I am very impressed with the cast of characters: Selena Gomez, Josh Duhamel, Ginnefer Goodwin, John Corbett, & Sandra Oh. Missy Mack was disappointed that it didn’t have her favorite parts in the movie, ‘I’m Having a Party’ & cooking her doll in the birthday cake. That Ramona! Overall, cute flick.

Recently, we went to a local bookstore, BookPeople, to see Mo Willems read and promote his two new books:

We love Mo! He is even better in person. So funny!

We got a poster and Missy Mack’s favorite book, Cat the Cat, Who’s That? signed. Missy Mack can read this book all by herself. First one ever! Mr. Willems has a great website, too, and the pigeon tweets!

There is a teacher, who I following on my teacher tweeter account, that is doing a summer tour of independent bookstores. What a fun idea! I want my child to have him as a teacher. He is super inspirational! Check or Mr. Schu Reads.

At the library, we are participating in their summer reading program. Missy Mack has filled up her first reading log and got her picture taken to hang up in the library. She is really proud. We are really proud. This time I checked out an audio book for Missy Mack to listen to in the car while we are running errands and such. Missy Mack’s grandmother also sent us all the forms for Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Half Price Books summer reading program. If you meet those requirements , you get a free book! Score!

I, myself, have had trouble getting motivated with my summer reading. I read a great young adult book that is a first in a series about a different perspective on Alice in Wonderland

and read Bossy Pants

And now I am stuck. I have started and stopped a few books. I usually eat in the summer. One a week. Not this summer. I checked this one out from the library in hopes I will be hooked.

Are you planning on seeing the last Harry Potter movie? They are always my favorite. These books go way back with Mr. Mack and I. I am sad for the whole thing to be over. Of course, the summer announcement tells me that maybe someone else doesn’t want them to be over.

I am also very excited to see The Help! Best book ever!

I’d love to hear about your summer reading.


3 Responses to “Summer Reading”

  1. Cindy July 18, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    Love Ramona – we bought Chatty a series of them at Costco. She is bringing two on the plane for our trip back east. I bought her the American Girl Doll book series about feelings, manners, their body, etc. and she has really gotten into thos too. I loved Judy Blume growing up!!

  2. starnesfam July 19, 2011 at 4:25 am #

    I’m currently obsessed with Wally Lamb’s I know This Much is True. Fantastic.

    • mrsmerrymack July 19, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

      You are right, it is fantastic. Have you read any of his others?

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