Date Night

21 Jul

Last Friday, Mr. Mack and I had a date. This never happens. We couldn’t find a sitter. Since we don’t do this often, I don’t have an army of sitters up my sleeve. Luckily, Rolly Pollies, was having a Parent’s Night out. It is a perfect combo. 3 hours of fun with other kids for Missy Mack and 3 hours of adult time for the Mr. and me.

We went to see a concert in my most favorite place to see a concert in Austin:

Here is the view of the sunset as we left:

It’s the One World Theatre and we saw, Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis, my favorites. They are husband and wife Texas singer song writers and other than their annual Christmas concert, they don’t usually perform together. They are so cute and absolutely magical together.

The thing about seeing a show at the One World Theatre you are in for the most intimate show you will ever see. I have seen plays there, weddings and concerts and they have managed to create a space that feels like your living room where you are sitting amongst friends. It is dark and small and you can see every expression on the performers faces.

We shared a bottle of wine, sang along and decided that it was the best concert we have ever seen and we have seen some good stuff (Dylan, Paul Simon, blah, blah, blah).

Here are some photos from Instagram I took during and after the show. There is something special about a large bass and a steel guitar.

Here’s the party tent

This is exactly my dream 40th birthday party. A party at the One World Theatre with Bruce and Kelly. A girl can dream, right?

Thanks Bruce and Kelly for a magical evening.


One Response to “Date Night”

  1. Isabella July 25, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

    Dear Mrs. Merry Mack,

    We are glad you enjoyed the concert of Kelli Willis and Bruce Robison.Thanks for this awesome review of our venue. Hope you has a nice B-day celebration. We are pleased the have you as a fan. Come back, we look forward to reading your blog entries.

    The One World Theatre

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