Play Date Mania

1 Aug

This past week has been play date mania. I have been trying squeeze the life out of summer. Two weeks left. Sniff, sniff. So, we are playing!

First, a play date with Momma to the A’s. We met at the mall at a jumpy place. I have known this momma since before we were mommas. I knew her before she was a wife. Golly, that is long! We haven’t done a lot of raising our children together because she is traveling all over the world raising her family, but we have stayed in touch in many ways and have meet up with our girls a few times. Here she walks in for this play date with her sweet little girls and her super cool lulumon back pack full of all things that keep a momma prepared. What do I have? Nothin. My purse that most likely has a sticker book, a pen, and some crap I might need, but I am never prepared. Never. I don’t have snacks, I don’t have water, I don’t have an in case of emergency change of clothes, nothin. Neither of us had the required pair of socks for the girls for the jump house so we had to go next door and buy some socks for the girls. The girls play, we go eat and then take them for princess crowns at the Disney store. The mommas didn’t have enough time to visit and while the girls struggled a little to get to know each other again, by the time we had to go, the girls weren’t ready either.

Momma to the A’s and I say a lot of this in the mall, so understand this means that this was one incident of this of several:

In case you can’t tell, that is a dog in a stroller. Also, at the jumpy place I noticed that there were A LOT of REALLY young parents of children in this place. I kept thinking maybe  these were the kids teen-aged brother or sister. Then I would hear the kid call them mom or dad. I felt old or judgmental. I can’t tell which. I don’t know what it was. This place stops and plays a dance song or songs for the kids to dance to like the cha cha slide or the chicken dance. They call all the kids to the front and they dance. It is cute. It is funny. There was a dad that was sort of disgusted that his daughter couldn’t get her groove on so long after the dance segment was over, he kept trying to teach his daughter how to dance and she just wanted to jump. This dad wouldn’t let it go.

I am in hopes that we will get to spend time with the A’s at least once more before school starts and will continue to get together once our school routine gets settled. Our girls are starting kindergarten this year!

Another mom that I am close with and we have been raising our daughters together and we also are both sending our girls to kindergarten in a  few weeks came over for a swim, lunch and play at our house the next day. It was so lovely to spend the day with a good girlfriend and the girls got along beautifully.

That evening, was the library’s end of summer reading celebration. We kept track of our reading minutes for the library, B&N, Half Price Books and the no longer Borders. The day before we went all around town collecting our free books for reading this summer. The library puts on a little party. Last year was great, this year, not so much. It was a terrible magician. Painful. At the painful show, we saw our good friends and hooked up with them for dinner after.

Notice Missy Mack is still rockin her princess crown.

Friday morning, we woke up and meet older school friends to see this:

7 kids, 3 adults, it was smurftastic! Have you seen it? It is cute. Perfect family movie. The kids played the dance game after and then we had lunch.

Anyway, it has been busy and I just realized, that I have planned NOTHING for this week. NOTHING! What will we do? After all this activity and play dates, we will be depressed.

This crazy week of play with friends sure has been fun!


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