Mack Family Reunion

8 Aug

Every few years, the Mack family joins together for a little reunion. Sometimes it’s at a persons house and sometimes it’s in a neutral location. Here’s the deal, Mr. Mack’s dad is one of six brothers and one sister. They grew up in the Valley and while their father was a lawyer, he did a lot if pro bono work, he kept the family in a very minimal state of living. This usually leads to all sorts of stories of what the youngest is left to eat at dinner and some daddy issues. Anyway, when seven children have marriages (some multiple) and children and their children have children, it makes for a pretty big family.

I come from the teeniest tiniest family so this is all very foreign to me and I was dreading the whole event and so was Mr. Mack. I have to say, when it was all said and done, I am glad we went.

Before heading out of town for the family throwdown, I attended Momma to the A’s baby shower to help her welcome het first boy. It was at a very cool restaurant in town with all her girls who have remained close through growing up together and her family. I have to tell you her sister is so disciplined to her diet and training this girl did not have a crumb of food, including the delicious lemon rosemary cake.




Then we headed to the fam. I am not sure how many adults were there but there were 9 children age 2-10 and 6 of the little ones were not there.

Meet the youngest sweet pumpkin Hazel.



The grown up cousin above schooled the kids on how to use the slip n slide, which Missy Mack decided she needed to try out in her dress. Nice.


We discussed consequences of sliding in water in your clothes but she risked it and what do you know, grandma had clothes for her to change into.

I am going to admit something that I can’t decide if it drives me crazy about myself or if everyone is a little like this. My MIL has this thing where she brings crafts to be done any time we are together. They are usually pretty involved, require patience that a small child does not have and are rushed and crammed down child’s throat. This time her daughter was on board. It makes me crazy I cant figure if the process makes me crazy, she makes me crazy or if it is a requirement for something your MIL does to grate on your nerves They were like the children’s craft coordinators of the reunion and by god, every child better participate, love it and be nice to each other the whole time.

We missed the making of GAK but they made Missy Mack some. Score! Just what I always wanted in my purse, car and house; slimy, sticky, goo.

Next, spinning art:



Then the children created their own fun, which made advil and liquor a necessary part of the activity. The Uncle who hosted the reunion is a music teacher so there is a room in the house with a few instruments. They created a band.



Then a good marble run.

Notice the high boy interest.


As much as we dreaded the event, we ended up being very glad we went. It was so fun to see all those kids running around and loving each other.

Missy Mack made fast friends with cousin. They were so very sweet to each other.


I’ll have to post the big family photo once I get it.


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