Meet the Teacher Kindergarten

20 Aug

Friday was the first day of me wearing the parent hat and the teacher hat at the same time. Honey and Pops returned Missy Mack the night before and we got to see all the haul from her week away.

Then I got up to meet a parent for coffee and then the whole family joined me at school later. Our meet the teacher is in the morning. I went into the teachers class and signed up for Valentines treat and a couple of other things.

I just trusted Mr. Mack to handle the rest while I stayed in my classroom to greet my students and families. It was so good to be around kids again.

Thank goodness my mom snapped a few photos because I forgot.

Meet Missy Mack’s kindergarten classroom:


Missy Mack found her spot at the table and her three cubbies.


The teacher has a closet that she has turned into a reading nook so Missy Mack checked this special spot out.


Then they headed into my room to witness the questions, families and students stopping in. My classroom has come a long way from the 20 years of crap I inherited 2 years ago. Year 3 is good stuff.


While I worked the rest of the day, Honey and Pops took Missy Mack to get her gear for her first year at Ballet Austin! We are so excited. Missy Mack did a little try on session for us.


Mr. Mack made us a lovely dinner.

Those are scallops, goat cheese and pesto on bread.

I found some gems of Missy Mack on my mom’s phone.



Today is our last day of summer and we are going to do our best to make our kindergartener feel special.

Last night, we were reading some stuff from her teacher to her and it seems Missy Mack is most worried about rest time. They bring a towel to lay on and they may not bring toys or pillows. This news sparked giant fearful tears. Missy Mack desperately wants to rest with kitty and feels a pillow is necessary.

Maybe Monday will not go as smoothly as I had hoped.


2 Responses to “Meet the Teacher Kindergarten”

  1. starnesfam August 21, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    Those scallops are huge!

    Good looking class rooms. What fun ahead.

    Laine is starting ballet this year. Should be interesting. 🙂

  2. Cindy August 22, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    Can’t wait to hear how the first day goes! Bia is starting ballet in a couple weeks too. Cute stuff!! Love Missy’s real name!

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