The First Day of Kindergarten

23 Aug

This is it! The very first, first day of school. Kindergarten. It is big. I know emotionally this is a big day, a big freakin deal, but I guess the 14 years I have been in education have tainted me. I wasn’t sad. I wasn’t nervous. Maybe it is because I didn’t didn’t have to drop her off and drive away. Maybe it was because I have shared a few margaritas with her teacher before. Maybe it was because entering kindergarten for Missy Mack it meant she was closer to me than she has ever been before. I was excited for her. She was excited. She was ready.

Mr. Mack, however, was not excited. He was on the brink of tears and an almost mess. He held it together though. He was sad. He was engaged, he was protective, he was sweet.

Here is how the day started: we all woke up early and Mr. Mack made a special pancake breakfast like his mother did for his first days of school.

Then we all went to school together.

Then the chaos began. 491 students and their parents in our cafeteria. Awesomeness. Craziness. But first we need some photo opps. Outside the classroom, in her line, with her buddy from preschool (which I am happy to say is the only friend from preschool in her class this year!), hanging up her backpack, blah, blah, blah….

Remember the chaos? Pictured here:

Then, Mr. Mack became obsessed with this dad with a great mustache and sunglasses. He took a series of pictures of him.

Awesome. There are actually more pictures, I just figured you got the point.

Here is the boss lady telling all the parents, after they pledge it is time for them to say buybah, buybah…. teachers will take the children to class to learn and parents will skedaddle. Mr. Mack wasn’t a fan of this speech even though he knew it was coming.

Missy Mack had art today, where apparently she asked every other minute if it was the end of the day yet. Here is her first piece of art from art class.

She said she did something in art she had never done before, a tree, a strawberry and a mouse. I guess that is what she learned today. That and rules. She also said she made 3 best friends, but she doesn’t know their names.

She cried at the end of the day. I went to meet her at the pick up spot and she let it all go. She wasn’t ready to leave. She didn’t want to go home and so she was going to cry about it. Everyone was all worried about it, but I knew she would get over it soon and that she was tired. She never really cries unless she is tired. Kindergarten wiped her out. Then when we entered the building, where we were met with a hysterical young lady who lost her watch. Hy-Ster-i-cal! Which, caused Missy Mack to cry and panic more. It was so dramatic. A snack made it all better.

Mr. Mack arrived to pick us up and she indulged in a few more photos. Sort of.

and one with her teacher.

Another funny story, at one point I stopped by her room to see if the teacher needed any help, which is typical for a support teacher to do for kinder teachers on the first day. I helped the kids open their snacks while she helped them get packed up and reviewed with them how each one was getting home. I noticed that Missy Mack’s dress was unbuttoned from the bottom button up to her tummy and her shoe was untied. She was a mess. I fixed it.

Also, after all the drama about resting on towel and not being able to bring kitty to school, turns out Missy Mack was the only kindergartener who actually rested. HA!

Mr. Mack took us for dinner (early), where he indulged both of their needs for celebration for making it through the day.

Fried ice cream. They struggled to share. The sweet waiter brought cherries to make the picture look better.

Happy First day of Kindergarten Chickadee!

Side note, I am dog ass tired and my cute Toms wedges made my feet hurt. Sad choice for the 1st day. I know they will treat me better the next time I wear them.


2 Responses to “The First Day of Kindergarten”

  1. Casey August 23, 2011 at 3:01 am #

    1. Kudos on the Toms purchase. Hope they feel better next time. They sure are cute shoes!

    2. I’m so glad to see you in pictures. Forever it seems like you didn’t post them of yourself. You’re darling!

    3. Love all these cute grade signs people are using to document.

  2. Cindy August 23, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    Glad everyone survived – too cute that Mr. Mack was near tears!!! Love it!

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