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Clutter, We Have A Problem…

30 Sep

My house is being taken over by clutter. It is a huge problem, but I don’t I have solution.

I need an intervention.

There is shit everywhere. I clean it up all the time. All the time. Then, I turn around and all the shit is back. My house is self destructing.

Here are some examples:


Crap on the floor, on the table, EVERYWHERE! Shoes, papers, bags, clothes, bags, mail and shoes.

What do I do? It is invading my sleep, when my mind wonders, it goes to this issue. When I get home, I am so frustated by it, I hide in my bedroom and try to ignore it.

Advice welcome.


Baby Love

24 Sep

I have bad baby fever, but there is nothing that can be done about that except….

Some Baby B Love! I have gotten to see this cute guy a few times in the last few weeks.

First the day after he was born.

Then, we brought dinner to Momma to the A’s, so I got some baby love and the girls got some play time. We were so proud of Missy Mack because when A1 went to gymnastics, Missy Mack played with A2 happily and without request.

Its hard to be the little sister.

and I watched sweet Baby B rock.

Then last weekend, I got to spend all day with this sweet little family. The girls played lovely together, Momma to the A’s and I got to visit, and I got all the baby love my heart could handle. Baby B is a thinker. He has a lot going on up there.

This may need to be my new Saturday ritual.

I love that my friend is back!


23 Sep

2024 is when Missy Mack will graduate from high school. Isn’t that crazy? Crazy to think about, crazy.


At our school, we have a day for kindergarteners about their year of graduation.

So, last Friday was 2024 day.

All 80 kindergarteners wearing this shirt. They were so cute! It was so crazy to imagine them all as seniors in high school. They take individual class pictures and then a few with the entire class.

Here she is waiting for assembly to start.

Here is her kindergarten class.

Here is the crazy, silly kinder teacher keeping the children entertained while they wait.


The entire class of 2024 from our elementary.


And… the end of the day:

I wonder if this is how she will look in 2024?

Dot Day

20 Sep

Through the power of twitter, I learned about International Dot Day. It was created by Peter Reynolds, who wrote:



The day is based on The Dot book. The story is about a little girl who feels she can not draw and she sits with a blank page in art. Her teacher tells her to make her mark, so she jabs the paper with her pencil as she is very frustrated. Then her teacher tells her to sign the paper. The next time the girl comes to art, the page with the tiny dot is framed in a fancy frame and hung on the wall. The girl becomes inspired and begins to make all sorts of different dots and inspires other children to be brave and make their mark even if they think it isn’t good enough.

So, we had dot day in my classroom. On Thursdays I see all my classes, all grades, so we watch the dvd of the story, learned how to use google draw and made digital dots and then I put out all the craft supplies and a sheet. They each made their own unique dot and signed their name on the sheet. I am having it hung high on my wall.


It was so fun and so stinkin’ exhausting!

Missy Mack got in on the fun and dressed in polka dots and asked for a bun so her hair would be a dot too.


Here are some fun photos from the day.


So fun! I was on a teaching high. It was a fast paced creative day.


Yeah for Dot Day!




The Day I Almost Got A Dog

17 Sep

One morning this week a cute, fluffy white dog came running into our morning assembly. The kids were in love. Love. I snatched it’s fluffy white butt up before any more chaos ensued. I walked around with her during assembly to see if any one news this sweet girl.

No one.

I took her to the office to hang out with her because I thought the owner would realize she was no longer tied up outside. People came and went but no one knew her.

I feel head over heels in love with this dog. Look at her!


The secretary took her to the vet to learn that she was not microchipped, a maltipoo that appeared to be well taken care of but we didn’t hear from the owner all day.

During the day, I spent time trying to convince Mr. Mack to let me bring her home. It went like this:




Just about the time I had him convinced to let me bring her home and I had picked the name CeCe, the owner called.


They said they were on their way. An hour later, they arrived, took the dog with barely a thank you.

I was heartbroken. I wanted CeCe to go to her home with her owner where she belonged, but only if the owner loves her and worries about their dog that escaped from her leash at the school.

These people were not the loving caring family I was hoping for.

So long cute, fluffy, white CeCe.


What Would You Grab?

13 Sep



This has been the scene here for the last week. That is some scary shit.

Imagine that someone knocks on your and tells you there is a huge fire moving fast. You have ten minutes to evacuate.

What would you grab?

What do you think you would not be able to leave behind. I am not counting the living beings in your house. Pets and people are a given.

Is there anything that is so irreplaceable that would make your grab and go list?

I think I would grab my jewelry because I have pieces of my grandmothers that I feel are treasures
The pictures on the wall
A few photo albums because I am the only one in our family that keeps this stuff
Our computer
A bag with toiletries and a few days worth of clothes for me and Missy Mack
Missy Mack’s kitty
My dads cowboy hat

Ok that is it!

What about you?

A Reader

9 Sep

Yesterday, a first happened for me. My child read a book to me. She’s been in the emerging reading stage for a while and is still there, but this was a book she had never seen before and she read it.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching a lot of kids learn to read and each time it is special and magical and full of pride. However, when it was my own child, I thought I just might burst.

In kindergarten they pick a book from a preselected box to take home, read and return. When they have done thus 100 times, a surprise arrives for them in the classroom. Brilliant and special. We will be so proud when Missy Mack reaches 100.

Here is time number one: