As Not Seen on tv

6 Sep

Missy Mack see the commercial for this product everyday this summer and begs for it:

Press Dough

Mr. Mack ordered it and then we learned it takes 4-6 weeks to arrive. Awesome. Lucky for us, it arrived just in time to use as an incentive. It arrived the same day Missy Mack landed on red. Our deal was, you spend the rest of the week on purple or green and we will make cookies with your new press dough kit this weekend. It worked.

It isn’t really like you see on tv. Are any of these as seen on tv products?

First, when opening the kit, the pieces are much tinier than they look on tv.

I was jazzed because we got two kits, so now one can become a birthday gift, but after spending the afternoon with this product, I am not sure I want to inflict this disaster on another mother. Maybe it needs to go to the mean kid in the class or the mom who pisses me off. When is that kid’s birthday who gave us the noisy guitar last year? They should get this gift.

I read the directions. On Friday night after the second week of school and I was dog ass tired, so maybe another read of the direction were in order.

Anyway, I made dough with my favorite recipe. I would recommend using store bought dough because the consistency is better. You need a stiff dough that is really cold because if the dough is warm the shapes don’t hold. I had a friend with me hanging for the afternoon and she and I were frustrated by this product.

However, Missy Mack loved every minute of it. Loved it. In the end, I guess that is all that mattered.

Here’s our attempt at the rainbow cookie:

I read the directions again and that might have helped doing a re-read, but it still seems like an ass whoopin. There are a lot of steps. I can’t imagine any kid would stand for all the steps.


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