Busy Weekend

4 Oct

We had a fun busy weekend. It started bright and early Saturday at a birthday party out of town, sort of.

As we were getting ready, Missy Mack’s pink hair came out. I love the pink hair, but it had gotten very nasty. It was time. We were both sad.

Here’s the deal, having your party in the first slot is the way to go. This jumpy place was calm and enjoyable at 10 AM. We love Rachel. She is the tiniest sweetest girl. The Aggie game was on in the corner big screen so I hung out with all the dads. The Ags were playing well when I left, but it ended poorly. Oh well….

As we leave, here is sweet little Scarlett believing she is flying her party favor kite.

Then we headed to the bike shop to see Daddy and there was a festival of sorts in the parking lot. You know what that means?…. FACE PAINTING!

This lady also did glitter tattoos that were too cool. I hope I remember her this time next year when I am planning a birthday party. She does hair bling too, but it has already fallen out so I am not impressed with this portion of her business.

This face stuff was a little challenging to get off. After Mr. Mack got Missy Mack out of the bath he kept calling her smoky eyes and said she looked like she was ready for the club. When I came into the room, this is what he taught her:

Get your drink off!

Sunday was a CHA CHA! Meeting sfo I guess I will save that for another post.


One Response to “Busy Weekend”

  1. starnesfam October 5, 2011 at 12:56 am #

    What is all of this posting, my dear? Have you lost your mind?

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