The 6th Birthday Party

20 Oct

Missy Mack requested a Ranch birthday with horse riding.

We are so grateful to grandparents who made this party possible. Seriously, it is the easiest party I have ever planned. We attended a party at the Little Buckaroo Ranch this summer and it was great. Even in 100 degree weather. I called up Cowboy Jimmy and Cowgirl Miriam, scheduled the party, ordered cowboy hats and bandanas from oriental trading company, ordered a cake, and we were done. That is it. Totally done. Oh, I did do cute invites, which might have been a bit of a headache because I couldn’t get the paper and the printer to play nice. Here is a little tip: frequent the fancy invitation stores and buy packages of invites that are partially used for 75% off and viola, you have expensive invites of your own. You just have to print them yourself. Not enough? Scan it and print in color. Problem solved

We decided to go with only inviting the girls in class plus a few family friends. Every. Single. Person. Came. To. This. Party. Not. One. Regret, well, maybe one, but just one and that one was originally a yes.

It was so fun. Every time I tried to help out on Saturday, Cowboy Jimmy would tell me, ‘relax, mamma, this is our party, you let us handle every thing.’ Well, ok, I will.

We ordered the cake from a local bakery and it was costly. Initially, I was feeling guilty about this, but it was so damn good, I don’t care any more. Here were the instructions we gave: White cake, white icing, a picture and a pink cowgirl hat, red and pink accent colors. The picture:

The cake:

I don’t even like cake and I am sad that there are three more pieces left. Tearful. It was damn good. I am not sad that we paid extra for a good cake now.

We went with the Ranch Game Party.

All the girls(and two boys) arrived and we had hay rides.

The kids got their party favors up front at this party!

Then we got the rules. These people are really serious about their rules so you better listen up!

There was some hanging out while we waited our turn for pony rides.

Then there were pony rides on Coco (the pony, not the friend)

Next up, Ranch games. Nut races (balance a shelled pecan on plastic spoon while in your mouth). It was pretty funny.

Lasso a Steer:


Missy Mack thought the best joke of the day was when Cowgirl Miriam said: ‘These are NOT hula hoops because we are not in Hawaii. These, are ropes because we are on the Ranch.’ Cowgirl Miriam and Cowboy Jimmy have their schtick down.

I can’t remember what game was next, maybe twirling a rope.

My non-direction follower had to make up her own way, which didn’t work, of course.

While the VW blasted out old Honky Tonk songs,

Cowboy Jimmy roasted hot dogs on an open fire, which I am pretty sure is against the law during the burn ban. I will not tell, if you don’t.

It was a lovely day. The weather could not have been more perfect. Every single child was full of smiles. They ran in the open air, they giggled, climbed trees, ate food and enjoyed each other’s company. I even survived family.

I hope Missy Mack will always remember that lots of people go out of their way to make her day and life special. She is a lucky girl and as a family we are lucky to have close friends and family, who will give up a part of their Saturday to celebrate with us.

I have decided that being the first birthday of the year has a lot of pressure attached to it. I guess every one will always come to our party because it is the first one of the year.

What will we do to top it next year?

BTW, this was pretty much what we dealt with all day:

Can you feel the excitement?

2 Responses to “The 6th Birthday Party”

  1. Cindy October 20, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    So fun!! Glad you got to enjoy it too!! That cake is beautiful!!

  2. starnesfam October 20, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    You just stop it with the cute hats and themed party. Too much.

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