Coolest Thing Ever!

25 Oct

This weekend the coolest thing happened to us. Coolest in a while.

I met two of my idols and Missy Mack got her picture taken with them and an autograph.

This weekend was the Texas Book Festival. I have heard about it for years, know people who have gone, encouraged my students to go, but I have never gone, until Saturday.

I wanted to go and after Missy Mack and I picked up the grandparents from the airport, I just threw it out there and everyone was game.

When we arrived, we walked right into a sign that said Molly Shannon was signing her book. I had done my homework and knew that she recently wrote a children’s book so we headed over to the book tent and the purchasing began. At one point, Mr. Mack’s dad looked at me and said ‘I’m sort of geeking out’. This man has stacks and stacks of books. He always has one with him and is most likely the most well read man I know (particularly about history, right now he is in his Federalist period). To be honest, I was geeking out too.

With our arms full of books, we headed to the autograph tent. We were the last people to meet Ms. Shannon. She was nice and smiley just like on tv. I chatted with her a bit. I asked her if she ever skyped with classes and she said she hadn’t but she wanted to know about it. I started explaining  the process and just as I think I am going to get her to agree to skype with my school, her escort came and said ‘I’m sorry, but it is time for Ms. Shannon to move to the next stop. Bummer.

Here is her book:

Here is Missy Mack and Ms. Shannon:

Super Star!

I love it! As we were leaving the tent, Mr. Mack’s dad said, ‘Wasn’t she on Saturday Night Live? That is so cool!’

We ate some terrible for you, yet yummy food on the Capitol lawn and then headed to the children’s area where we heard lots of authors read and talk about their writing process.

They had a tent set up with all sorts of supplies for the kids to create their own books and stories. After listening to Michelle Knudsen tell how she came up with the ideas for Argus and Library Lion, Missy Mack came home and started creating stories just like Ms. Knudsen said she did. I am sure every kid who went to this thing acted the same at home, but I was sort of beaming with pride. These are her books:


I really wanted to see Lisa Loeb’s kids concert, but you could tell it was time to go, but on our way out, we stopped to see if she was signing books and sure enough….


Here is her cute new book that we have listened to the CD a million times already.


Just now I learned that she has eye wear and now I must have some of her glasses.

I was just giddy over the whole day. I would have loved to go to some panels and listen to other authors speak, but when you have a kid, ya know… Like there was a lit crawl through the State Cemetery at night. I would have loved that!

It was super fun and I can’t wait to go back next year.


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