A Little Rant Full of Questions?

27 Oct

Remember when I was all positive and happy about the weekend and the book festival because we met these two people?


Well, just a few short hours after this joyous event, these people,

(Really just one of them)

Ruined it.

Here’s the story:

They take us to buy books to get autographed by the famous authors, we buy them, we stand in line, the famous sign the books, talk to Missy Mack about the book, we take pictures. We are happy excited and proud.
We go home, hang out, go to dinner. At dinner, I asked where the Molly Shannon book was. I say that I saw the Lisa Loeb book at home but not the Molly Shannon book. The answer was it is in the car. Note that their car is all packed up and ready to leave from the restaurant after dinner. I give a strange look. Mr. Mack’s dad asks if he should go to the car and get it. I say, no, I just wanted to read it. Missy Mack said she wanted to read it. Then the step mom says, well, we were going to save that book and give it to her for Christmas.

Seriously? Christmas?

You are going to buy a book for a 6 year old, have the author sign it and then not give it the the child until Christmas?

Is this strange to anyone else?

Why didn’t have the balls to say, no, we are NOT doing that. Yes, please go get the book?



One Response to “A Little Rant Full of Questions?”

  1. Angie November 2, 2011 at 1:35 am #

    Not strange. Stupid. If you buy a present it’s to be kept a secret. What a tease!

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