Cow Spotting

28 Oct

While were were downtown, we had lots of cow spottings. I really love this and don’t want the cows to go away. The artists are so creative.

On another note, last week was Twin Day at school. Missy Mack asked a friend, her mom and I coordinated. The day before the event, a third friend wanted to join in. Missy Mack worried about it all night. She wanted me to paint her a shirt. She had all sorts of ideas of how to include the third friend . I was so proud of her for being inclusive. It all got worked out and the third friend had similar clothes that she wore. All the girls were happy, proud and cute.

We actually had lots of parents calling the office complaining that their child was left out and they were upset that we had a twin day. Whatever. Get over it.

I have mentioned the cow project before. Read more here.


One Response to “Cow Spotting”

  1. Angie November 2, 2011 at 1:33 am #

    I’m so with you. Get over it is right! Read the note. Find a twin. And P.S. parents, sometimes in real life you get left out. Deal.

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