Just Call Her Grace

29 Oct

Two weekends ago, Missy Mack received this lovely injury on a moon bounce slide.

Then last weekend, at a bike rodeo, sponsored by Mr. Mack’s bike shop, Missy Mack had a little accident on her bike. It is sort of ironic that Mr. Mack was there to hand out helmets and talk about bike safety at the same time this happened. She had gone down this hill and loved it. When she went to do it again, she forgot about her brakes, got going to fast, jumped off the bike and her and Mr. Mack went tumbling. I turned off the video just before the fall.

Then this week at gymnastics she fell off the uneven bars and it was very dramatic. Her arm was hurt. She had a good fall. We were dancing on that line of being confused between her dramatics. Is this real? Should we be worried or is this her usual antics. I asked the teacher to keep an eye on her just in case. I mean, when she was dressing that morning, she wouldn’t lift her arms to change. In the middle of the day, I get this video.

This is her doing 30 jumping jacks. Hurt arm?

Isn’t she graceful.


2 Responses to “Just Call Her Grace”

  1. starnesfam October 30, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

    She IS graceful! Lainey has a bruise on her leg the size of a potato. Lovely.

  2. Sara November 1, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

    You gotta love a good drama queen!

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