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Ho, Ho, Ho

30 Nov

Like I said, to get the in laws out of the house Saturday, we headed on up to the Galleria to do a little shopping, have dinner and see Santa. It was super chilly (unexpectedly) this weekend. The wind was killer so I guess Santa needed an extra long break. We kept having to check and see if he had returned. Just as we had given up and were heading to the car, he showed up.

Here is  what Missy Mack told Santa that she wants:

1. A Yo-Yo

2. Stompeez

3. Pink Furry Boots (we can’t stop singing ‘boots with the fir…everybody is lookin at hir). And does she mean this pink furry boot or this pink furry boots

Here she is resting in Santa’s chair on our 2nd visit to see if he had returned.

See that cute bear in the background? He is super soft and cuddly. I think we need one. It’s at Kay Jewelers and it benefits St. Jude’s.

We went to Hallmark to poke around while we waited. We ended up acting pretty silly.

Mr. Mack has put this item on his wish list

And then finally he arrived.

She looks so uncomfortable.

There is this video that sounds like wind and not much else, but I want you to count how many times the flash goes off next to me.  It’s unsettling. Why does the grandma need 200 photos of one moment?


Post Thanksgiving

29 Nov

Here’s my assessment of Thanksgiving 2011:


Fredericksburg=cute and fun

Family= over it

Relaxing=the perfect amount

Muppets= cute and fun

Ready for Christmas= not so much

Here’s what happened with the food, someone in Mr. Mack’s family decided that even though the house we rented, had a kitchen, our Thanksgiving meal would be frozen reheat hungryman dinner style. Every single item was in a plastic reheating tray. It looked rbad, it tasted worse and left Mr. Mack very disappointed.

Mr. Mack smoked a turkey, which was good and I decided I would make Thanksgiving on Saturday so we would have our fix. However, there was a little girl in the kitchen trying to help and my dressing ended up with 1 Tablespoon of salt vs. 1 teaspoon of salt, so it tasted terrible. I will do it again. We will get our fix.


The fun part was Missy Mack has a cousin on Mr. Mack’s side of the family that is a year younger than her so they had a blast. Grandma tried to bring along Christian crafts that were a little more difficult than they had the attention for. As a teacher, I was struggling to keep my mouth shut as she tried to guide them along this craft.

P.S. Missy Mack insisted on wearing her pilgrim hat all day.

They played well together.

The moms got a break and took the girls to see the muppets in the cutest small town movie theatre ever! It was clean, friendly, affordable, nicely decorated and roomy.

Then we took the girls to the town square to see the decorations.

After this we went to a cool local brewery and watch the A&M game. It was so fun. Great beer, pretzels and brats, big screen, lots of Aggies and then a sad loss by 2. Oh well…

We went back the next night to see the lighting of the trees, both the German Tree and the Christmas tree. Super fun small town with the whole family.

Then we had to say good bye and Missy Mack was very side.

Saturday, Mr. Mack actually took the day off and we laid around and were lazy. Then the in laws arrived early. I had the brilliant plan to get out of the house instead of hanging around our messy house. We went to see Santa! It was cold and cute!

Now, we go back to regular life and squeezing Christmas stuff in between.

Happy Holidays!

Gobble Gobble

24 Nov

Happy T Day Y’all!

I have an annual retreat with district teachers on the day before Thanksgiving break so I wasn’t at school and missed all the hoopla. It was a busy day for Missy Mack. Her class earned their compliment party so they had pajama day, it was the kindergarten feast and it was grandparents day at school.




The week didn’t start out so grand for Missy Mack because she had a bad day at school and the next day wasn’t much better so we took Molly away and told her if she had purple days ( the best) until we get out for break, she could have her back. I got this text at the end of the day.



Mr. Mack even took Missy Mack to her first Hex Rally. Here they are before they left.


I saw Breaking Dawn with Coco last night and I loved every cheesy moment of it.

Tonight on my way home from getting my haircut, I get this text


So, I headed to the lickher stow. While cruzing the aisles, I discovered these fine products.



That is pure corn alcohol and shots in a to go 6 pack. Where have these product been all my life?

I also discovered that this large establishment of adult beverages and their necessities were totally out of bloody Mary mix and diet coke.

What does this say about the holidays? That we are party people or we need the hooch to survive our families? I know I’m the latter. How about you?

This year should be interesting, it’s the first holiday minus John’s grandfather so grandma didn’t want to have it at her place. She rented a house in Fredricksburg for Thanksgiving. We shall see…

Here’s a video from yesterday’s morning assembly at school. Teach Me How To Turkey.
Drink up and be thankful.

A Few Confessions

22 Nov

For two  weeks, I have noticed that my surroundings are changing.

The library looks like this:

wreaths and holiday decorations on retail stores, trees strung with lights, decorations everywhere!

It is stressing me out!

Then there is a lot of this in the mail and on every corner:

For real?

Confession: I hate the holidays.

Hate them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love decorating, the smells, the anticipation, the excitement, the festivities, but I don’t want to share them with anyone, I don’t want to talk about what we are doing, I don’t want to go anywhere and eat other people’s food. I just  want to stay in my house and have a sweet little holiday with my family. Occasionally, spending the with friends is cool, but for the most part, I just assume staying locked inside and keeping it to ourselves. My fantasy holiday is to travel. I would love to just hop a jet plane for the holidays and flip everyone off on my way into the plane.

2nd confession:

I am a strict believer that the tree, all it’s trimmings and everything else Christmas including songs and commercials waits until after Thanksgiving. It could be the day after Thanksgiving, but I just need it all to wait until then.

All these houses with their lights, the stores, the media, everything, go ahead and just calm your ass down. It will all get here soon enough, just hold your horses. I get that you can get an early bird special for having your lights on your house hung by experts prior to Thanksgiving, but don’t turn them on until the day after. While I am on that note, did any of you have professionals come and hang your lights when you were growing up? I specifically remember a Christmas season that my dad got sent to the hospital and had a broken leg from falling off the house hanging Christmas lights. Isn’t that a right of passage or something?

With all the ranting, I have lost my train of confessions, so we will just leave it at, I HATE THE HOLIDAYS!

As we head into this week of giving thanks and the day looms ahead where I will be forced to mingle with outside family and eat other people’s food, I hope you all travel safe, eat well and give thanks (even if you hate it).

Fun Party

20 Nov

A few weeks ago, Momma 2 to the A’s, hosted a fun 3rd birthday for A2 and invited Missy Mack to join at A1’s request. Those two were two peas in a pod the whole afternoon. They party was fun with Doodlebug the clown painting faces and making balloon animals, a bounce house, lots of food, babies galore, football and short people running around having a good ole time!

The best part,

I GOT TO HOLD THE BABY THE WHOLE TIME (Well, almost the whole time)! It filled my heart up with joy!

Oh, We’re Fancy

18 Nov

Each year at our school carnival, we auction off time with teachers. The teacher’s create the event and the students and parents bid on the time. At the end of the carnival, the highest bidder wins. I usually team up with another non classroom teacher. Last year, we got hit with a gang of boys and it was a rowdy bunch, so this year we decided to create our time completely around a girly theme so that we would ensure something tamer.

We decided to have a Fancy Nancy Party complete with manicures, crown decorating and pink food. The girls were told to dress fancy. My winner was a 5th grader who is not very girly and the other teacher’s winner was a kindergartener. I knew my winner didn’t want to Fancy Nancy anything so I told her I would take her to the movies with a friend. A little girl in Missy Mack’s class won so we were Fancy this week. It was fun and the girls were cute!


17 Nov

Alright, I am certainly in for it! I just returned from a 3 day camp with 90 5th graders. It was fun! Mr. Mack did nothing but make fun of me. I’m not sure if this little fact has been discovered about me, but I am not an outdoorsy girl. Not even a little bit. Nothing frightens me more than camping, well, maybe mice, but that is it. I enjoyed being around the kids and watching them problem solve the ropes courses. They were totally geeked out and excited so by Friday, I needed a few more pink pills. I was totally overstimulated.

Here is a sample of my three days:


A little fishing

Some archery

(who says I’m not athletic?)

Some dancing

Solar cherry cobbler

Some hiking with great views

And some challenge courses.

Then I came home and slept. For a long time.

I spent the weekend getting my house recovered from no mama for 3 days.

Tomorrow, I leave for another field trip.

This is the field trip. The one where I busted my head open at the Capitol. The one where I lost me head, literally for almost 4 months. Let’s hope that after tomorrow, I will still be driving, remembering and not hurting.

I have good tennis laid out and a backpack packed instead of a bag.

We shall see…