17 Nov

Alright, I am certainly in for it! I just returned from a 3 day camp with 90 5th graders. It was fun! Mr. Mack did nothing but make fun of me. I’m not sure if this little fact has been discovered about me, but I am not an outdoorsy girl. Not even a little bit. Nothing frightens me more than camping, well, maybe mice, but that is it. I enjoyed being around the kids and watching them problem solve the ropes courses. They were totally geeked out and excited so by Friday, I needed a few more pink pills. I was totally overstimulated.

Here is a sample of my three days:


A little fishing

Some archery

(who says I’m not athletic?)

Some dancing

Solar cherry cobbler

Some hiking with great views

And some challenge courses.

Then I came home and slept. For a long time.

I spent the weekend getting my house recovered from no mama for 3 days.

Tomorrow, I leave for another field trip.

This is the field trip. The one where I busted my head open at the Capitol. The one where I lost me head, literally for almost 4 months. Let’s hope that after tomorrow, I will still be driving, remembering and not hurting.

I have good tennis laid out and a backpack packed instead of a bag.

We shall see…



2 Responses to “Trippin”

  1. Cindy November 17, 2011 at 5:21 am #

    From one non outdoorsy girl to another – congrats! Proud of you! Good luck on your next trip, no more head injuries ok?!

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