A Few Confessions

22 Nov

For two  weeks, I have noticed that my surroundings are changing.

The library looks like this:

wreaths and holiday decorations on retail stores, trees strung with lights, decorations everywhere!

It is stressing me out!

Then there is a lot of this in the mail and on every corner:

For real?

Confession: I hate the holidays.

Hate them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love decorating, the smells, the anticipation, the excitement, the festivities, but I don’t want to share them with anyone, I don’t want to talk about what we are doing, I don’t want to go anywhere and eat other people’s food. I just  want to stay in my house and have a sweet little holiday with my family. Occasionally, spending the with friends is cool, but for the most part, I just assume staying locked inside and keeping it to ourselves. My fantasy holiday is to travel. I would love to just hop a jet plane for the holidays and flip everyone off on my way into the plane.

2nd confession:

I am a strict believer that the tree, all it’s trimmings and everything else Christmas including songs and commercials waits until after Thanksgiving. It could be the day after Thanksgiving, but I just need it all to wait until then.

All these houses with their lights, the stores, the media, everything, go ahead and just calm your ass down. It will all get here soon enough, just hold your horses. I get that you can get an early bird special for having your lights on your house hung by experts prior to Thanksgiving, but don’t turn them on until the day after. While I am on that note, did any of you have professionals come and hang your lights when you were growing up? I specifically remember a Christmas season that my dad got sent to the hospital and had a broken leg from falling off the house hanging Christmas lights. Isn’t that a right of passage or something?

With all the ranting, I have lost my train of confessions, so we will just leave it at, I HATE THE HOLIDAYS!

As we head into this week of giving thanks and the day looms ahead where I will be forced to mingle with outside family and eat other people’s food, I hope you all travel safe, eat well and give thanks (even if you hate it).


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