Gobble Gobble

24 Nov

Happy T Day Y’all!

I have an annual retreat with district teachers on the day before Thanksgiving break so I wasn’t at school and missed all the hoopla. It was a busy day for Missy Mack. Her class earned their compliment party so they had pajama day, it was the kindergarten feast and it was grandparents day at school.




The week didn’t start out so grand for Missy Mack because she had a bad day at school and the next day wasn’t much better so we took Molly away and told her if she had purple days ( the best) until we get out for break, she could have her back. I got this text at the end of the day.



Mr. Mack even took Missy Mack to her first Hex Rally. Here they are before they left.


I saw Breaking Dawn with Coco last night and I loved every cheesy moment of it.

Tonight on my way home from getting my haircut, I get this text


So, I headed to the lickher stow. While cruzing the aisles, I discovered these fine products.



That is pure corn alcohol and shots in a to go 6 pack. Where have these product been all my life?

I also discovered that this large establishment of adult beverages and their necessities were totally out of bloody Mary mix and diet coke.

What does this say about the holidays? That we are party people or we need the hooch to survive our families? I know I’m the latter. How about you?

This year should be interesting, it’s the first holiday minus John’s grandfather so grandma didn’t want to have it at her place. She rented a house in Fredricksburg for Thanksgiving. We shall see…

Here’s a video from yesterday’s morning assembly at school. Teach Me How To Turkey.
Drink up and be thankful.


2 Responses to “Gobble Gobble”

  1. Cindy November 28, 2011 at 3:46 am #

    Good luck y friend – hope you survived! Aren’t you an A&M grad? Letting your daughter go to Hex Rally …. hmmmm???? Love the text about being on purple! Chatty didn’t make her day a couple times in the past few weeks. Ugh!!

    • mrsmerrymack November 29, 2011 at 2:44 am #

      Yes, I am an A&M grad. Mr. Mack went to UT. I have to give a little sometimes. It banks my points. The people at the brewery were so confused with Missy Mack in her Maroon Out shirt and high fiving dad every time those longhorns scored.

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