Post Thanksgiving

29 Nov

Here’s my assessment of Thanksgiving 2011:


Fredericksburg=cute and fun

Family= over it

Relaxing=the perfect amount

Muppets= cute and fun

Ready for Christmas= not so much

Here’s what happened with the food, someone in Mr. Mack’s family decided that even though the house we rented, had a kitchen, our Thanksgiving meal would be frozen reheat hungryman dinner style. Every single item was in a plastic reheating tray. It looked rbad, it tasted worse and left Mr. Mack very disappointed.

Mr. Mack smoked a turkey, which was good and I decided I would make Thanksgiving on Saturday so we would have our fix. However, there was a little girl in the kitchen trying to help and my dressing ended up with 1 Tablespoon of salt vs. 1 teaspoon of salt, so it tasted terrible. I will do it again. We will get our fix.


The fun part was Missy Mack has a cousin on Mr. Mack’s side of the family that is a year younger than her so they had a blast. Grandma tried to bring along Christian crafts that were a little more difficult than they had the attention for. As a teacher, I was struggling to keep my mouth shut as she tried to guide them along this craft.

P.S. Missy Mack insisted on wearing her pilgrim hat all day.

They played well together.

The moms got a break and took the girls to see the muppets in the cutest small town movie theatre ever! It was clean, friendly, affordable, nicely decorated and roomy.

Then we took the girls to the town square to see the decorations.

After this we went to a cool local brewery and watch the A&M game. It was so fun. Great beer, pretzels and brats, big screen, lots of Aggies and then a sad loss by 2. Oh well…

We went back the next night to see the lighting of the trees, both the German Tree and the Christmas tree. Super fun small town with the whole family.

Then we had to say good bye and Missy Mack was very side.

Saturday, Mr. Mack actually took the day off and we laid around and were lazy. Then the in laws arrived early. I had the brilliant plan to get out of the house instead of hanging around our messy house. We went to see Santa! It was cold and cute!

Now, we go back to regular life and squeezing Christmas stuff in between.

Happy Holidays!


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