Ho, Ho, Ho

30 Nov

Like I said, to get the in laws out of the house Saturday, we headed on up to the Galleria to do a little shopping, have dinner and see Santa. It was super chilly (unexpectedly) this weekend. The wind was killer so I guess Santa needed an extra long break. We kept having to check and see if he had returned. Just as we had given up and were heading to the car, he showed up.

Here is  what Missy Mack told Santa that she wants:

1. A Yo-Yo

2. Stompeez

3. Pink Furry Boots (we can’t stop singing ‘boots with the fir…everybody is lookin at hir). And does she mean this pink furry boot or this pink furry boots

Here she is resting in Santa’s chair on our 2nd visit to see if he had returned.

See that cute bear in the background? He is super soft and cuddly. I think we need one. It’s at Kay Jewelers and it benefits St. Jude’s.

We went to Hallmark to poke around while we waited. We ended up acting pretty silly.

Mr. Mack has put this item on his wish list

And then finally he arrived.

She looks so uncomfortable.

There is this video that sounds like wind and not much else, but I want you to count how many times the flash goes off next to me.  It’s unsettling. Why does the grandma need 200 photos of one moment?


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