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We are Cultured Y’all

14 Dec

This weekend has been super, super busy. I got Missy Mack changed to a Saturday ballet class at Ballet Austin. Having dance during the week proved to be challenging so she has been on wait list for a Saturday class for a while. I got the call this week there was a spot. I was so excited. I would get to see the class and since it is downtown, our Saturdays will now be transformed. We can do the Farmers Market because its across the street and explore cool downtown lunch spots.

I am telling you what, they don’t fuck around at Ballet Austin. They mean business there. The girls line up outside of the class with their posed in a ballet position and point walk into the class. I went up to the teacher to let her know that we changed classes. She cut me off and let me know she already was aware of the change. Then, as I was peeking through the window, I got out my camera to take a picture of my sweet princess in her light blue leotard and pink tights looking very ballerina like, the teacher spotted in me in mirror, turned to face me and shook her finger at me. So, I don’t have any pictures.

While I am sitting waiting for class to end, my principal calls to ask if Missy Mack and I would like her two extra tickets to a our community Nutcracker Spectacular. Her daughter and my student was performing. We had to book it home to change and went to the performance. It is a completely student lead production with the high school orchestra, high school tech team and a local dance studio. It is not a traditional nutcracker, but it is still very impressive. It is so fun to take Missy Mack to these things because she is so in to the whole production. She sits on the edge of her seat and glees in delight at just the right moments. Again, no pictures.

Then we raced home for Missy Mack to have some fun with the babysitter while Mr. Mack and I had a date. Bruce Robinson and Kelly Willis always perform a Christmas show at the Paramount and I have always wanted to go. Mr. Mack got us tickets and we ate at a swanky hipster restaurant where I had the most spectacular drink. Pomergranita with champagne and an organic hamburger. Yum!

Then onto the show. The billboard did not turn out! Boo.

The Gourds played first.

Not sure if any of you know this group. They are fun and don’t have a problem talking about pot smoking and dropping foul language. Some how every time we go to the Paramount for a show, we end up sitting in the fuddy duddy section. Our section was full of old people who were highly offended and snoring. Here is what I want to know, if you know this band talks, sings and does pot along with loose lips, why do you go? It ruins the fun for the rest of us. These guys were funny with plenty of good baby jesus humor that our section did not find funny. At all.

On to our favorite peeps

They had a darling video of their kids in various Christmas pageants, their daughter was there and their voices were like angels.

It was a fun adult night.

The next day, Ballet Austin’s The Nutcracker. Year two of our new Mommy/Daughter tradition. My student was a mouse this year and her family invited us to come early for pre show festivities. This time, pictures galore!

Austin’s Performing Arts Center has the perfect backdrop.

Then we shopped. We read an article in the newspaper about the amount of pointe shoes the dancers go through. It is  astonishing, really. In the article, it mentions that Ballet Austin has signed pointe shoes by the dancers for sale. That was Missy Mack’s purchase and a new Clara ornament for the tree

After pre ordering our intermission drinks and snacks, we got Missy Mack’s picture taken.

In case you  weren’t keeping track, that is three performance and three theatres. Needless to say, my clapping muscles are sore.

It was fun!

And a little bit magical.