The Rest of our Holidays

8 Jan

Here is a quick recap on our holiday. Our holidays were absolutely glorious. We threw a house warming party for my BFF and we (Mr. Mack) cooked a beautiful gourmet feast. I really only have two pictures to show for the event. A sad picture of the food table that does it no justice and a cute picture of Missy Mack with a friend’s baby that has a sweet comb over.

I made a serious cute shirt from pinterest. Pretty proud.

Missy insisted on a reindeer nose, which she shared with a friend.

Then she found her twin

Christmas Eve and the two pictures I managed to click on Christmas Day. Honey & Pops came to our house and we baked, cooked, went to the children’s Christmas Eve service, where Missy Mack was an angel and had a nice dinner out.

What do you think the claw is about? Who knows?

The big hits this year were not from Santa, but the grandparents. An animator series Rapunzel doll, that we now call Rap, and a wardrobe for Molly and Emily and more of their clothes. Santa brought lots of crafts and Barbie accessories. Two pictures of the big day:

The Christmas card I sent on Christmas Eve via an app on the iPad that I have fallen in love with (Red Stamp).

Honey & Pops took Missy Mack back to D town with them to do all the Chuck E Cheese her little heart desires and Mr. Mack and I could have some grown up time. We took a gift card we were given to check out this awesome new theatre called iPic. This place was dope. I mean the comfiest recliner complete with blankets, pillows and food. They waited us, we were comfy and treated like royalty.

Here is our girl when we arrived in D town:

We went downtown, where it has gone all retro. My favorite was, Atomic Candy, a retro candy store. All you could hear us saying as we walked around was, remember these? Fun stuff. Then there was the giant tree:

Then there was our try at fire works at Honey & Pops house. My mom made her famous roast, potatoes, blah, blah, blah, it was yum. Then Mr. Mack and I drank too much champagne. Fun!

Happy New Year Y’all!

We are home and not ready to start the grind again.

I miss my mom.


2 Responses to “The Rest of our Holidays”

  1. starnesfam January 9, 2012 at 4:12 am #

    Oddly enough, I miss my mom, too.

    Glad yall had a good holiday. Love Missy Mack’s outfits, as always.

    • mrsmerrymack January 9, 2012 at 12:00 pm #

      Of course, you miss your mom. Casey, she is your mom and just because you had to make the decision to not be a part of her life, does not mean you dont still love her, need her or miss her. Its easy to give yourself permission to feel hurt and angry. Allow yourself to feel the happier emotions too.

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