All Things New and Fun

17 Jan

A new year brings new things. While they are just things, there are some that I just truly love. Like my surprise from my mom from my mom. Aren’t these fine?

Great part is, they are also comfy, comfy, comfy! I am not brave enough to wear them outside of my jeans. I totally love them.

Missy Mack’s Mimi sent these fun old fashion PJs that she made her, aren’t they cute?

If you look really closely, you will notice that Missy Mack has lost one of her front teeth. That is 5 people. We can’t keep up. She now has a giant window on the top of her mouth. I think I cry every time she loses a tooth. Why do they have to grow up so quickly?

Mr. Mack and I saw this in a fancy chocolate store over the holiday and thought is was so funny that we had to buy it. Now, where to put it?

I also wanted this mug from Starbucks and with some gift cards from my students, I treated myself. I was gonna get one for a blog giveaway, but then it brunt when I heated up. Total bummer. I decided no one else should have one if is catches fire. It is perfect for me, Let’s Merry!

I have a board on my pinterest for fun nails. Missy Mack’s class has been learning about penguins this week so I tried this one out.

Mine aren’t as good. I don’t have right stuff, but I did my best and since my subject was a wiggly 6 year old. Here’s my version:

Friday, I got some baby love. A friend from school met us for happy hour and I got to hold this sweet angel and Missy Mack was just in love.

(If you notice our friend, who has cancer, is over to the right, and she has a new thing in her life- HAIR! She is so happy)

And now I have a little dog curled up next to me as I am paralyzed in fear watching Soul Surfing. Have you seen it?


3 Responses to “All Things New and Fun”

  1. Cindy January 17, 2012 at 8:04 pm #

    Yeah for cool new boots, cute PJs, fun manis, friends beating cancer and cute little babies!!

  2. starnesfam January 17, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    So awesome about the hair.

    We watch Soul Surfer twice a day here. Well, it gets started twice a day. Our kids love it. Weirdos.

  3. HA January 18, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    LOVE your new boots! I bet you look snazzy!!! Can’t wait to meet “Scruffy!”

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