Moments Like These

25 Jan

That is a toddler have a fit, a tantrum, a melt down; comes with the territory of being two and three. Today I experienced a tantrum more like this:

Remember her? From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Spoiled Brat! She demanded her every want and desire and threw a fit if she didn’t get it. Missy Mack resembled her today, but with a spinning head. How I didn’t have a Mommy Dearest moment, I am not sure. I seriously was speechless, a little unsure how to react and holding back the laughs at the ridiculousness of the situation.

Here’s what went down:

Last week, our school had this big new fundraiser where the kids receive pledges for laps that they run, and they get prizes and each day the people who run the event, come into their classrooms and pump them up and teach a character lessons. BTW, if you are one of those people who organizes fundraising for your school, check out Boosterthon, we had a fun week and raised a lot of $. Anyway, the principal challenged the school to get a pledge from the 50 states. If the school met this challenge, she would dye her hair pink. We achieved this goal, so she declared Friday, Pink Hair Day.

After school today, my BFF, me and Missy Mack went to Sally’s to purchase pink hair extensions and pink spray for people at school.  We were pumped and excited for our little field trip. We go in and find the spray and some pink feathery extensions that happen to be on sale so we get two (one for me and one for Missy Mack). We are walking around looking at other intersting things and I tell Missy Mack that we are going to share the extensions. One for her and one for me. She sticks out her bottom lips and starts whining and complaining, ‘I don’t want to share’. So, I love and logic her.

‘You have a choice, we can get those two hair extensions and share them or we can’t put them back and not have them to wear on pink hair day.’

MM: ‘I don’t want to share. I want them all for myself.’

Me: ‘I am not buying something special for someone who isn’t willing to share.’

MM: ‘ I want them! I don’t want you to have them.’

More pouting.

I repeat the choice and get more resistance, but worse.

I head back to the aisle  where the pink spray came from and put it back. She follows, complaining. I explain that we don’t have to participate in Pink Hair Day and I am not spending my money on a girl who talks to me like that.

She hugs the hair extensions and declares that she will not let me put those back.

More screaming about wanting them.

I put my purse on the counter and have to basket hold my daughter and forcefully yank the hair out of her hands and she jumped up and down and yelled at me that she wanted them.

I throw dollars at my friend to purchase the new brush I picked out and carry Missy Mack kicking and screaming out of the store.

I calmly lean down and explain that it is not ok to behave like that or talk to your mother that way. Then, I say, I am getting in the car and driving home, if you would like to go with me, you need to get in the car. Otherwise, you will be left here.

She screams in my face that she is going to throw away the money in my purse away and all my stuff. She is jumping, red face, screaming. Just screaming.

I get in the car, I shut the door and she charges after me and start pounding on the window really hard. The woman who witnessed this fun scene in the store was now staring at Missy Mack and I on the sidewalk. I wanted to yell at her, ‘what are you looking at?’.

Missy Mack finally got into the car and continued to yell at me while our friend was inside making her pink hair purchases.  She continued to make threats at me. I ignored.

She cried for the next 15 min.In the car, loudly, while I was driving in the rain.

I kept stopping the car and telling her I was going to have to let her out of the car if she didn’t stop because it was too dangerous.

She finally stopped and then acted like nothing happened.


No pink hair day for her. She had to write me a letter of apology. We are thinking of taking a bday party this weekend away. We truly are at a loss as to how to punish for this. Do we let it go and move on? Do we take more things away? Does taking the birthday party away fit the crime.

I’m not sure.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

Great cherry on top? Now that we are home, she is acting all sugary sweet and compliant. WTF!

Do I have a devil on my hands at 6 years old?


3 Responses to “Moments Like These”

  1. starnesfam January 25, 2012 at 6:38 am #

    Sounds so familiar. Like when I drug Lainey out of her BFF’s birthday party recently. I was clueless as what to do!

  2. Cindy January 25, 2012 at 4:35 pm #

    I say take away the party. Bia has done that before – it was the day she was supposed to go to a party with Chatty. Chatty went and she didn’t. It was a tough lesson and she cried many many tears, especially when Chatty left for the party and while she was gone but she still remembers it. Sometimes I think you have to instill some tough love. Kudos to you for handling it so well – that’s the hardest part. Missy Mack is 6 – she knows what she is doing, especially when she is sweet as can be afterwards. Sometimes I think they really are too smart for their own good!


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    […] been reading, you know that Missy Mack was not allowed to participate in pink hair day due to her public meltdown. I put all of her fake pink hair clips in my hair and that pissed Missy Mack off, but just a […]

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