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We Were Almost Hipsters

29 Feb

This weekend, Mr. Mack and I went on a date. To an art show. A bicycle art show. On the hipster Eastside of Austin. In a warehouse with lots of groovy people. Here was the problem, there were no doors on the warehouse and it was freezing. Here is the cool part, you paid $5 for the art show’s pint glass and that got you all the beer you would need for the night. There was also a great DJ. I need a reason for a party just so we can hire this DJ.

This place was packed and the people watching was great too.

Check out this Madonna inspired hand.

And this greasy rapper like dude

Here is the print that I liked

Here is the one Mr. Mack liked

(do you see the hipster glasses guy behind the print?)

Here is the cool print by our friend

Here are a couple other cool ones we liked

Now, for the decor,

There were these tufted benches all over the place for sitting, but when you got up close to them, they were stained with who knows what. It was disgusting.

After the show, we went with two other couples, who don’t have children, to eat at the hip 24 Diner, where we waited for over 30 min. for a table at almost 10:00 PM. It was fun to be among adults and to feel cool for an evening.

Then we returned home to our own artist, who has turned our back porch into a colorful dog school.






The Haircut

28 Feb

Big things happened this weekend.

Missy Mack got her haircut. It was all her. I threaten all the time to cut it every morning when she cries while brushing. Lately, it’s gotten gross. Every day it is sticky or crusty and I can’t run the brush through it. She is all girl but it doesn’t bother her to be messy, sticky or dirty.

I told her that she was going to get a haircut and I was thinking a trim and shape up. She decided she wanted it cut.


I had to talk her into longer. The first snip of the scissors I started freaking out a bit. It was short. I kept wondering, does she know what she is getting into? Will she cry when she realizes how much hair she is cutting?

I started texting Mr. Mack, he joined us in case I had a break down. When she realized how short it was going to be, a giant smile came across her face and she announced that she loved it.


Since the haircut, Missy Mack has not stopped starring at herself in the mirror. She keeps telling me how much she loves it. How cute she is. She brushes it all day long. She is proud and confident. Is everything a mother could hope for.

Then a ‘friend’ made fun of her hair today and made her cry. Mama bear (and Daddy bear) wanted to kick some 5 year old ass.


25 Feb

I haven’t done this in a while so I thought I would share some of the random things that occupy my brain these days.

Confession: I have a problem. It is an obsession. I probably need help. I can’t stop. I pick at my face constantly. If there is a hint of a zit, I am on it. Squeezing, poking & picking. Here is the imagery in my head; I truly believe that there is some nasty poison in there and if I could just get it out, it will all be better so I squeeze until it comes out. As you know, that isn’t always the case. My face looks bad. After the squeezing, there will be a sore there and I can’t stand for my face not be be smooth so I pick at it until it is completely gone. Something is wrong with my face lately so it looks awful due to my obsession. Growing up, I never had a skin problem. Now, is another story and I can’t handle it.

While looking for a photo, I found out there is a zit popping app for the phone. Maybe I should check that out for therapy.

Confession: I am worried about my marriage. In our 11 years of marriage, we have reached a point where we watch television in separate rooms. He watches the crappiest stuff and I try to endure it so that we can sit in the room together. I have decided that I am done torturing myself. I can not watch more syfy, car shows, bad comedy, Anthony Bourdain. He will immediately change the channel if it is something I pick. Funny thing is, I just learned that he is giving up television during the week for lent. Ha! It makes me laugh. Will this ruin our marriage? Is this how it starts? First you start watching television in separate rooms because your no longer share interest in television and it slowly turns into other things until you have nothing to say to each other.

I remember when…

Confession: I have a new lover.

I can’t get enough of his snuggles. I am certain that Mr. Mack is jealous. It makes me smile.

Confession: What would I be if I weren’t a teacher? This is how my monthly meeting started last week. I find it an intriguing question and even more intriguing is other teacher’s answers. My answers.

1. Mom- a full time mom. I don’t think I would last long at this job, but I would like to know what the mind of a stay at home mom might be like. I have an idea, but I would still like to experience it.

2. A novelist- no explanation needed. I do have a student whose mother is a novelist and I have recently gotten hooked on two of her series. She sent me the mock up cover of her next book for feedback. That was kinda fun.

3. An esthetician

You know, so I can continue my zit popping obsession and so I can sit in a dark room with soothing music and lovely smells.

4. A Starbucks Barista

I want what they have. The knowledge of how to make that amazing coffee. Perfection. They always seems happy and they can multi-task like a fool.

Confession: I love the word mother fucker. That’s all.

Confession: I secretly want to dye my hair blue or pink.

Can you imagine? My daughter would think I am a rockstar. My school… not so much. Also, did I mention, I getting close to 40.

O.K. I think that is about it for now.

Have You SeenThis Crazy Shit?

24 Feb

The other night I came home and Mr. Mack tells me that he saved something on the DVR to show me. He fast forwards through the show to one scene with this crazy guy that has his boys out in their ‘bug out’ location doing target practice and the guy says his gun misfired and he shot off his thumb. Really?

Tim Shoots His Thumb Off

I made Mr. Mack start over. This shit is so crazy that I knew I had to see the entire episode. This show is called Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic Channel. These people are scared. Of what, I am not sure. They each have a very have a very specific threat they are preparing for; A super volcano, EMP pulses, hyper inflation, GMO crops failing. They stock pile their resources, make underground bunkers and practice getting there on less than a tank of gas. They even put on their gas masks and gear o to practice walking to their safe place in the middle of New York City. They make their family practice and spend thousands and thousands of dollars on guns, ammo and water. One guy, who doesn’t drink, spend over $200 a month on liquor so that he can use it to barter. I want his address.

My friend and I were discussing this the other day because she has seen the show too, and we have decided that if the end of days happen, we are out. We will let nature take its course. We are not up for creating an entire new civilization. She sent me this link that is very appropriate and funny.

Y’all have fun.

Baby, Oh, Baby….Shower

23 Feb

I haven’t been to a baby  shower in so very long. My college friend, who lives in Chicago is a having a baby and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

She had a fabulous wedding in Chicago a few years back and this past summer her sweet sister got married in Scotland.

C is from Houston and grew up in a neighborhood where they took care of each other. They are family. I was invited to the neighborhood shower. C’s favorite book character growing up was Amelia Bedelia. They had a book shower and asked us to come in a hat in honor of Amelia Bedelia.

I have a secretary at work who collects fabulous and wonderful hats of all shapes and sizes. She hooked me up with a hat and the family got up early Saturday and headed for Houston. When we arrived, Mr. Mack, said that no one was there because of the lack of cars. Then people started exiting their houses and walking to the neighbors house for the shower. It was pretty neat, really. Missy Mack and Mr. Mack hung at C’s house with the guys while we did the ladies day.

We started with the game of guessing C’s circumference.

Mom was a little over.

Sister was really close, but I was the winner. Dead on! Yeah me!

We were ladies that  lunch. Simple and easy. A casserole, a green salad, a fruit salad and cute table settings.

The hostess did the flower arrangements herself, got ribbon and some rattles at hobby lobby. It was very pretty and simple. During lunch we played a game with riddles for girl names and boy names. They were clever and we had a good time working together to solve the riddles.

Next, up… Presents. This baby better get a bookshelf. Everyone remembered such perfect classic stories that every child should have on their bookshelf. C is not finding out the gender so they are having a baby with a nursery that has cute zoo animals and sage green as the color.

I just love all the sweet little toys, stuffed animals, clothes and clever equipment that come along with babies. I am so happy that C will soon have that joy and fear to experience. We took a cake break mid-way through presents. This cake was amazing. Italian Cream. Extremely moist and sweet and the Amelia Bedelia on the cake was spectacular. Check out the pretty crystal cake stand, I want one.

I wish I would have taken pictures of these great book labels C’s sister made for us to put in the book. she printed them on self adhesive paper and it said We love you Little Baby F (their last name starts with F so everything had the initials LBF). Anyway, we signed the circle cut outs on the adhesives and placed them in the books we gave to LBF.

As we left we got sweet cookies with LBF on them. Missy Mack ate the rattle cookie but I saved the carriage.

After the shower, we hung out at C’s parents house visiting and having beverages. Then all the neighbors came back over for BBQ dinner. C’s mom made this delicious dip that I had never had Picadillo.

We were so proud of Missy Mack. She was so well behaved. She was the only kid there and she acted amazing without any whining. Super props to our kid!

Sugar Rush

22 Feb

I have known teachers who take off the day of Halloween or the day after in order to not be caught in the sugar rush or crash, but this year, this could be said for Valentine’s Day. The energy was crazy all week at school. I have never been so happy to see a Friday since I am not sure when.

Maybe everyone’s grandmother sent a package that contained this amount of sugar in it:

Then a friend dropped off these handmade chocolate marshmallow treats. These are what is left:

Honey also sent new lovies. Meet Burger and Snowball and Hello Kitty chopsticks.

At lunch it was like a sea of pink, red and hearts and crazy.

I am impressed with Missy Mack’s free hand cut out heart.

I also received this drawing from Missy Mack. I am certain the giant things in the center are my boobs. I am afraid to ask. The truth hurts.

Missy Mack’s class made books for their Valentine cards and they were could glue the cards in the book or they could not glue the cards in the  book if the kids decided that the card was special. Missy Mack did not want to glue Kolten’s card in her book because he is special.

Missy Mack requested homemade heart shaped pizza and chocolate mousse. We liked this idea but we added cherry slurpees and candlelight.

She was full of it during dinner.

Not sure if you can see in this picture, but she has a massive red mustache on her upper lip that started earlier in the day and got brighter red throughout the day.

Missy Mack has learned to read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss and she really wanted one of her own, so that was her Valentine’s gift.

I have video of her reading it but it was pretty boring so I will spare you.

I got my favorite flowers of daisies. Mr. Mack got an iTunes card and I made chocolate mousse but we ran out of time. We promised that if she woke up early she could have chocolate mousse for breakfast. She was up at the crack of dawn and I wonder why I had students bouncing off the walls the next day. I hate it when I am a contributor.

A Weekend of Ballet

18 Feb

Last weekend we did our usual weekly trip to ballet class. I have loved moving Missy Mack’s class to Saturday. I love sitting in the hall listening to the piano player play for the teacher and students. I love hearing the teacher call out the French names of steps for the students and give soft detailed critiques to their steps fantasizing that it was me in there skinny enough to fit in the leotard and tights dancing away. Perfecting a craft. While I worked on Missy Mack’s Valentines cards, explaining to the dads in the hall how I made the cards on my phone. It was funny how impressed and clever the dads thought the cards were.

After class, we went to a ballet birthday party. It was so cute! Kindergarten girls and boys in a circle with a ballerina stretching, learning steps and games.


I really didn’t feel like hanging at the party so I started questioning; when do I get to drop off at a birthday party? It seemed the FB consensus was kinder but no one did that at our birthday. I ended up compromising. I went in, made sure she was settled, ran an errand and returned for the last 45 min of the party. Clearly, the hit of the party was the living room balloon fight where the dads joined in and the girls ended up standing on the coffee table for the fight. How very graceful.




Sunday, Missy Mack’s Daisy girl scout Troupe had a dance workshop at Ballet Austin. It focused on their new production of Hansel & Gretel. I had to quick sew, I mean iron, on some patches.


I was overall pretty impressed with the workshop. It wasn’t as I intimate as I hoped. There were A LOT of girls there.
The version of the story the choreographer picked is funky, fun and a little different.




They taught the girls the purpose of using props in dance and let them practice.



They made their props puppies, sandwiches and something that surprises them. The dancers interacted and helped them.

Then, they broke them up into age groups to put their moves to work.



Their story went like this:
They were walking along eating a sandwich.

When they saw a pet store and they wanted a puppy.

They decided to buy a puppy and when they took it home, their mother was shocked and amazed!

Suddenly, an alien came and chased them away.

Then we watched some parts of Hansel & Gretel.







Then the dancers introduced themselves. Here’s what I can tell you, they are 18-22 and from all over the country. Babies!



Missy Mack’s ballet shoes got a workout.