What’s Been Going On?

1 Feb

Friday, was pink hair day at school. If you have been reading, you know that Missy Mack was not allowed to participate in pink hair day due to her public meltdown. I put all of her fake pink hair clips in my hair and that pissed Missy Mack off, but just a little. Here are some friends and the principal at school with pink hair:

When Missy Mack came into my classroom after school, this is how she looked:

She made her own pink hair.


Then, we went to happy hour. With pink hair.

We had a fancy weekend.

Ballet class, a little lunch, where this picture hung next to us

I love kitschy art. I don’t own in, but I like it. My BFF’s husband loves Star Wars so I had to send a picture to her.

Then we went back to the ballet to see Symphony of Clouds. Austin’s Ballet family theater is so fantastic. It is very age appropriate. Short, simple and well preformed. This story is about the childhood of Mozart.

and funny.

Then we went on a double date with our friends and Missy Mack, the fifth wheel. We had fancy sushi, wine and fun conversation. Then I promptly fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I am such a light weight.

The next day Missy Mack had a princess birthday party and after reviewing the RSVP list on evite, Mr. Mack and I decided that it would be best for me to skip the party since I am currently testing 90% of the attendees for my program. It might get ugly or awkward, so he took Missy Mack and I stayed home and did absolutely nothing. Well… I watched Kourtney and Kim Take NY without ridicule. Not before I got Missy Mack all fancy for her princess party with dress up clothes and hot rollers. She was in love.

Apparently, I missed a par-tay. They built a drawbridge to the entrance of their home complete with an alligator in a moat. The mom and dad where in full Queen & King attire. The mom had on a full length velvet gown and dad had tights and pantalones on! Mr. Mack said these were the drink choices:

Today, I took a mental health day and did my best not to leave my bed with my new snuggle bunny.

Mr. Mack and I got to pick up our child in the car line like a regular parent. We went for yogurt and back home to snuggle.



One Response to “What’s Been Going On?”

  1. Cindy February 1, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    Absolutely love that last pic of Missy and her puppy!! So sweet. I was debating on taking a mental health day this morning – it was one of those kind of days!

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