It’s V-Day

14 Feb

Oh, how I love Valentine’s Day!

I am not sure why. I don’t have high expectations of the day. I just like it.

Maybe it’s the pink and red and the hearts that make me happy.

We have a ridiculous amount of Valentine’s Day books and our collection was increased this year. If you don’t have any of these, check them out. I went to Barnes and Nobles over the weekend and I really had to hold myself back. I had a $25 gift card and needed to get a baby shower gift so I resisted, but I really wanted more.

My new favorite:

I found this cute activity on Pinterest:

This book, I found my first year of teaching and I just love Gilbert. He is so cute. It has a great message.

My all time favorite Valentine’s Story:

I am all ready for the big day. I love the way our school does things. At the beginning of the year, you sign up for a list of activities that will need to parent volunteers from the Holiday parties, to library weekly helper, copy helper, you name it. I signed up for Valentines with another mom. We worked like clockwork over e mail and made it fun for the kids, easy on us and simple. Our school does two parties; one a semester (Holiday and end of the year) and two treat days; one a semester (Halloween and Valentines). The state limits the amount of days you can have non-nutritional days at school. The other mom is doing the snack, chocolate dipped marshmallows and I did the drinks; my love juice from last year. This year, I found these Martha Stewart stickers that worked perfection.

Mr. Mack is buying fun straws to go with as we speak.

As far as our own family Valentine’s Day, I am not sure what’s on the agenda. Missy Mack as requested heart shaped homemade pizza and chocolate mousse. My mom always made the same kid friendly, yet fancy dinner on Valentine’s by candlelight. Very cute and sweet. I have zero ideas for my husband. Why are guys hard to find ideas for?

I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of hearts, and pink and red.


2 Responses to “It’s V-Day”

  1. Cindy February 14, 2012 at 4:46 pm #

    Awesome – love it! I am going to work out and then I told D we could have shrimp cocktail and wine … simple and easy. My girls were so excited for today. Maybe I will get around to posting some pictures later this week.

  2. starnesfam February 15, 2012 at 3:56 am #

    I loved this holiday more than usual this year. Candy, red, hearts, and love? What’s not to like?!

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