A Weekend of Ballet

18 Feb

Last weekend we did our usual weekly trip to ballet class. I have loved moving Missy Mack’s class to Saturday. I love sitting in the hall listening to the piano player play for the teacher and students. I love hearing the teacher call out the French names of steps for the students and give soft detailed critiques to their steps fantasizing that it was me in there skinny enough to fit in the leotard and tights dancing away. Perfecting a craft. While I worked on Missy Mack’s Valentines cards, explaining to the dads in the hall how I made the cards on my phone. It was funny how impressed and clever the dads thought the cards were.

After class, we went to a ballet birthday party. It was so cute! Kindergarten girls and boys in a circle with a ballerina stretching, learning steps and games.


I really didn’t feel like hanging at the party so I started questioning; when do I get to drop off at a birthday party? It seemed the FB consensus was kinder but no one did that at our birthday. I ended up compromising. I went in, made sure she was settled, ran an errand and returned for the last 45 min of the party. Clearly, the hit of the party was the living room balloon fight where the dads joined in and the girls ended up standing on the coffee table for the fight. How very graceful.




Sunday, Missy Mack’s Daisy girl scout Troupe had a dance workshop at Ballet Austin. It focused on their new production of Hansel & Gretel. I had to quick sew, I mean iron, on some patches.


I was overall pretty impressed with the workshop. It wasn’t as I intimate as I hoped. There were A LOT of girls there.
The version of the story the choreographer picked is funky, fun and a little different.




They taught the girls the purpose of using props in dance and let them practice.



They made their props puppies, sandwiches and something that surprises them. The dancers interacted and helped them.

Then, they broke them up into age groups to put their moves to work.



Their story went like this:
They were walking along eating a sandwich.

When they saw a pet store and they wanted a puppy.

They decided to buy a puppy and when they took it home, their mother was shocked and amazed!

Suddenly, an alien came and chased them away.

Then we watched some parts of Hansel & Gretel.







Then the dancers introduced themselves. Here’s what I can tell you, they are 18-22 and from all over the country. Babies!



Missy Mack’s ballet shoes got a workout.


One Response to “A Weekend of Ballet”

  1. starnesfam February 21, 2012 at 4:18 am #

    Ballet is running our lives right now.

    I’m semi-loving it.

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