Baby, Oh, Baby….Shower

23 Feb

I haven’t been to a baby  shower in so very long. My college friend, who lives in Chicago is a having a baby and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

She had a fabulous wedding in Chicago a few years back and this past summer her sweet sister got married in Scotland.

C is from Houston and grew up in a neighborhood where they took care of each other. They are family. I was invited to the neighborhood shower. C’s favorite book character growing up was Amelia Bedelia. They had a book shower and asked us to come in a hat in honor of Amelia Bedelia.

I have a secretary at work who collects fabulous and wonderful hats of all shapes and sizes. She hooked me up with a hat and the family got up early Saturday and headed for Houston. When we arrived, Mr. Mack, said that no one was there because of the lack of cars. Then people started exiting their houses and walking to the neighbors house for the shower. It was pretty neat, really. Missy Mack and Mr. Mack hung at C’s house with the guys while we did the ladies day.

We started with the game of guessing C’s circumference.

Mom was a little over.

Sister was really close, but I was the winner. Dead on! Yeah me!

We were ladies that  lunch. Simple and easy. A casserole, a green salad, a fruit salad and cute table settings.

The hostess did the flower arrangements herself, got ribbon and some rattles at hobby lobby. It was very pretty and simple. During lunch we played a game with riddles for girl names and boy names. They were clever and we had a good time working together to solve the riddles.

Next, up… Presents. This baby better get a bookshelf. Everyone remembered such perfect classic stories that every child should have on their bookshelf. C is not finding out the gender so they are having a baby with a nursery that has cute zoo animals and sage green as the color.

I just love all the sweet little toys, stuffed animals, clothes and clever equipment that come along with babies. I am so happy that C will soon have that joy and fear to experience. We took a cake break mid-way through presents. This cake was amazing. Italian Cream. Extremely moist and sweet and the Amelia Bedelia on the cake was spectacular. Check out the pretty crystal cake stand, I want one.

I wish I would have taken pictures of these great book labels C’s sister made for us to put in the book. she printed them on self adhesive paper and it said We love you Little Baby F (their last name starts with F so everything had the initials LBF). Anyway, we signed the circle cut outs on the adhesives and placed them in the books we gave to LBF.

As we left we got sweet cookies with LBF on them. Missy Mack ate the rattle cookie but I saved the carriage.

After the shower, we hung out at C’s parents house visiting and having beverages. Then all the neighbors came back over for BBQ dinner. C’s mom made this delicious dip that I had never had Picadillo.

We were so proud of Missy Mack. She was so well behaved. She was the only kid there and she acted amazing without any whining. Super props to our kid!


One Response to “Baby, Oh, Baby….Shower”

  1. starnesfam February 23, 2012 at 5:17 am #

    Yay for being the winner and the cake is precious! Well done.

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