We Were Almost Hipsters

29 Feb

This weekend, Mr. Mack and I went on a date. To an art show. A bicycle art show. On the hipster Eastside of Austin. In a warehouse with lots of groovy people. Here was the problem, there were no doors on the warehouse and it was freezing. Here is the cool part, you paid $5 for the art show’s pint glass and that got you all the beer you would need for the night. There was also a great DJ. I need a reason for a party just so we can hire this DJ.

This place was packed and the people watching was great too.

Check out this Madonna inspired hand.

And this greasy rapper like dude

Here is the print that I liked

Here is the one Mr. Mack liked

(do you see the hipster glasses guy behind the print?)

Here is the cool print by our friend

Here are a couple other cool ones we liked

Now, for the decor,

There were these tufted benches all over the place for sitting, but when you got up close to them, they were stained with who knows what. It was disgusting.

After the show, we went with two other couples, who don’t have children, to eat at the hip 24 Diner, where we waited for over 30 min. for a table at almost 10:00 PM. It was fun to be among adults and to feel cool for an evening.

Then we returned home to our own artist, who has turned our back porch into a colorful dog school.





One Response to “We Were Almost Hipsters”

  1. Cindy March 1, 2012 at 4:17 am #

    Well duh all the hipsters have a dog school on their patio!

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