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Dollar, Dollar Bills Y’all

18 Mar


The counting of a very large piggy bank started off our Spring Break. Missy Mack has been saving her pennies for one year. She wants a My American Girl Doll. She was told she have to buy it with her own money. She saved and counted it all. She made her piles of coins and we counted.


It ended up being about $120, so we were off to the American Girl store with the whole family!


First, we asked if we could cut a doll’s hair in the salon. The answer is no, so we had to pick a doll that was as close as we could get to looking like Missy Mack.

Meet McKellah


We brought Molly along with her crazy ass hair and Honey got her hair styled. We didn’t know how this whole getting the doll’s hair done worked so let me give you the low down.


1. You wait in a long line to put your name on the list. This took about 30 min.
2. Once your at the front of the line, you pick your hairstyle. The list is long. Missy Mack picked the style of the month.

3. Then you pick the color of rubberbands and ribbons.


4. Then you give it to the only male working in the AG store, who was fabulous and you come back in two hours.


Now, you kill time. The fabulous male worker, told us that most people go to lunch and come back. We had already eaten lunch. We went shopping and playing.



We returned to the AG store earlier than we were told and we still missed the hair styling of Molly. This was pretty disappointing. Missy Mack handled it well. She waited so patiently and never complained.
Here’s the before of Molly.

And Molly’s After:



In case you need to use the restroom at the AG store, they have your doll all taken care of.

A doll holder while you go.

Now the photo ops.





We are so proud of Missy Mack for saving her money, setting a goal and making a big purchase all on her own.


A Transformation

14 Mar

Our fair city is undergoing a transformation. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend SXSWedu conference for one day. As we walked to lunch, a well known wine bar was being changed for the week. Instead of Max’s Wine Dive, for a week, it’s CNN Bar & Grill.


It’s crazy. The excitement was in the air downtown as tents and stages were being put up all over town. We usually flee during SXSW, but I have decided that next year we should ship Missy Mack off to H&Ps house and Mr. Mack and I should volunteer for SXSW sovwe can be a part of the transformation.

For Spring Break at home fun, my BFF came over supplied with fun make up and Missy Mack put on her fanciest dress and we played in the make up.



There are the before, during and after pictures. Other than recitals, this is the first makeup she has ever worn.

Then we put on Hello Kitty press on nails.



Here is the final girls.


She played around with The Lorax App.




The night ended with her crying in the floor because she couldn’t pick up anything or do anything with those nails.

It’s tough being a girl

Brace Yourself

7 Mar

Holy Weekend, Batman!

It was like a whirlwind.

Friday night was our annual auction night at school. Well, it wasn’t at school, it was for the school. We had a sitter, again! The theme was Mardi Gras. I decided to make my own mask. I thought I could do it. I could not.

Missy Mack helped. She couldn’t make a good mask either.

I took it to school and a very talented teacher fixed it for me. Here is a crazy husband at the party sporting  my mask.

I may have behaved badly. May. I am attending Bollywood party that I bid on. I spilled red wine on my favorite new top and another party goer.  Fabulous!

Saturday, was watch week at Ballet Austin. It was so exciting to see her class. It was great. The presumably strict teacher was actually very kind, funny and the perfect balance of firm in a very loving way. These girls wanted to do good for her. The class was hard and required a lot of concentration.  I was beaming with pride. It was old school true ballet technique. We were not allowed to take pictures of the class. That seems silly and annoying, but it turned out to be great. All the parents were actually engaged in the class. We were watching and listening and experiencing that moment. We were not fiddling with the camera watching the class through the lens. We were not our phones. We were watching our daughters think, learn, stretch, laugh and enjoy their class. Here are some photos I snapped before class.

Missy Mack and I went to see Hansel & Gretel after dance. It was so neat. What a great version of the story. Once again, I was very impressed with their family performance.

Later, that day, this arrived.

We are now a two car family! It has been two years. This will change our lives. Hopefully, it will help in the job search.

We went to a nice dinner and enjoyed being with family,

The next morning, the grandparents had a surprise for Missy Mack.

Tickets to Party Day with The Laurie Berkner Band.

While, they sang and danced, Mr. Mack and I went on a little lunch date at Lucy’s Fried Chicken. It was such a fun place. The weather was fabulous! The vibe was groovy. The food was great!

I had oysters

Mr. Mack had a bucket of chicken

We met Missy Mack outside the theater to jet her off to a birthday party.

It was a first for Missy Mack, Roller Skating.

She has so much confidence! She pretty much shuffled and never let go of the walker, yet she thought she was the greatest skater. Ever.

Poor Mr. Mack made a sad choice to wear flip flops. His poor toes.

There was even some Hokey Pokey.

I have video too, but I haven’t uploaded it yet.

On the way home we stopped for dinner. Missy Mack excused herself to the bathroom and came out with a tooth missing.

She pulled it herself! She is so proud. Weird thing is, she doesn’t want to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. It is hanging out in her pinch pot she made in art. Is this strange?

Fun tiring weekend.

A Walk in History

3 Mar

Sunday, was CHA CHA Explorers #12 at the State Cemetery. I was taking a walk in a history text book (from Texas).

Missy Mack was thrilled to see that some of both Mr. Mack’s ancestors and my ancestors were buried in the state cemetery.

Here are all the explorers

This was taken before the kid said the mean thing that made Missy Mack cry.

Then the crying began.

For some reason, it is not allowed to do rubbings here so the director made her own stone to rub and kids went to town.

I’m a history lover so I found this trip fun and exciting. There are many people in the state cemetery that have bought their plot, tombstone and have it all set up, yet they are not dead. This blows my mind. There is a couple with our namesake who have done such, but to top it all off, they have a paragraph written on the back with their accomplishments in life (even though they aren’t dead), one of which includes, ‘when he was 13, he was awarded Best Camper at Camp Mystic’. WTF?

There is a beautiful oak at the top of a hill that has great views of our city.

After the meeting, we stuck around to check out some of our favorite Texans and to tell stories to Missy Mack.

When I first started teaching, I taught at Barbara Jordan Elementary, and to memorialize her, we took a school wide field trip to the State Cemetery to view her resting place.

I was once sexually harassed by this gentleman, God rest His Soul.

When Mr. Mack ran for State Rep., this is who he ran against

Here are a few of my favorite Texans

This was Ann Richards boyfriend. He is buried next to her. I love what it says: So Far, So Bueno.

Here’s a great story for you, when Pa Ferguson was buried, it rained for 40 days after and is tomb floated up to the top. The headline of the paper the day after read: ‘Pa Ferguson Died And The Devil Sent Him Back’. He was a corrupt politician (imagine that).

Here is a fav with all the heart shaped rocks right there for him.

I love this saying on the headstone

Slow-talking, Slow-walking, Courageous, Determined

Thanks CHA CHA