A Walk in History

3 Mar

Sunday, was CHA CHA Explorers #12 at the State Cemetery. I was taking a walk in a history text book (from Texas).

Missy Mack was thrilled to see that some of both Mr. Mack’s ancestors and my ancestors were buried in the state cemetery.

Here are all the explorers

This was taken before the kid said the mean thing that made Missy Mack cry.

Then the crying began.

For some reason, it is not allowed to do rubbings here so the director made her own stone to rub and kids went to town.

I’m a history lover so I found this trip fun and exciting. There are many people in the state cemetery that have bought their plot, tombstone and have it all set up, yet they are not dead. This blows my mind. There is a couple with our namesake who have done such, but to top it all off, they have a paragraph written on the back with their accomplishments in life (even though they aren’t dead), one of which includes, ‘when he was 13, he was awarded Best Camper at Camp Mystic’. WTF?

There is a beautiful oak at the top of a hill that has great views of our city.

After the meeting, we stuck around to check out some of our favorite Texans and to tell stories to Missy Mack.

When I first started teaching, I taught at Barbara Jordan Elementary, and to memorialize her, we took a school wide field trip to the State Cemetery to view her resting place.

I was once sexually harassed by this gentleman, God rest His Soul.

When Mr. Mack ran for State Rep., this is who he ran against

Here are a few of my favorite Texans

This was Ann Richards boyfriend. He is buried next to her. I love what it says: So Far, So Bueno.

Here’s a great story for you, when Pa Ferguson was buried, it rained for 40 days after and is tomb floated up to the top. The headline of the paper the day after read: ‘Pa Ferguson Died And The Devil Sent Him Back’. He was a corrupt politician (imagine that).

Here is a fav with all the heart shaped rocks right there for him.

I love this saying on the headstone

Slow-talking, Slow-walking, Courageous, Determined

Thanks CHA CHA


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