Dollar, Dollar Bills Y’all

18 Mar


The counting of a very large piggy bank started off our Spring Break. Missy Mack has been saving her pennies for one year. She wants a My American Girl Doll. She was told she have to buy it with her own money. She saved and counted it all. She made her piles of coins and we counted.


It ended up being about $120, so we were off to the American Girl store with the whole family!


First, we asked if we could cut a doll’s hair in the salon. The answer is no, so we had to pick a doll that was as close as we could get to looking like Missy Mack.

Meet McKellah


We brought Molly along with her crazy ass hair and Honey got her hair styled. We didn’t know how this whole getting the doll’s hair done worked so let me give you the low down.


1. You wait in a long line to put your name on the list. This took about 30 min.
2. Once your at the front of the line, you pick your hairstyle. The list is long. Missy Mack picked the style of the month.

3. Then you pick the color of rubberbands and ribbons.


4. Then you give it to the only male working in the AG store, who was fabulous and you come back in two hours.


Now, you kill time. The fabulous male worker, told us that most people go to lunch and come back. We had already eaten lunch. We went shopping and playing.



We returned to the AG store earlier than we were told and we still missed the hair styling of Molly. This was pretty disappointing. Missy Mack handled it well. She waited so patiently and never complained.
Here’s the before of Molly.

And Molly’s After:



In case you need to use the restroom at the AG store, they have your doll all taken care of.

A doll holder while you go.

Now the photo ops.





We are so proud of Missy Mack for saving her money, setting a goal and making a big purchase all on her own.


One Response to “Dollar, Dollar Bills Y’all”

  1. Cindy March 19, 2012 at 2:41 pm #

    Awesome – now how long will Molly’s hair stay nice?

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