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What A Weekend!

30 Apr

This weekend we did not have anything really planned and sometimes, those weekends turn out to be the best.

I started my weekend with the sitter picking up Missy Mack from school do I could head to pick our favorite mom from Life With My Brown Eyed Girls for a little happy hour while she was in Austin. Here is one of those rare photos that I am in. Keep in mind it’s after a full day of teaching for me and site seeing with two girls for Mama C.


Saturday while I was getting Missy Mack ready for dance, I became acutely aware that laundry had been washed but not folded and after digging through 5 loads of clean unfolded laundry for pink tights for ballet, I found them in the washer wet and mildewed. Fabulous! I had smoke coming out my ears and angry tears rolling down my face as I drove to the dance supply store to purchase a new pair of tights before dance class.

When we returned home, I had a messy house to clean and 5 loads of laundry to put away. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself so I solved that problem.


Then it was time to meet Mr. Mack for Springfest in downtown Bee Caves. Missy Mack wanted to ride rides.



And jump on one of those bungee trampoline things.





After rides, jumping, face painting and pink hair, we got to drink some beers and listen to Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis– my all time favorites!




While they sang, Missy Mack danced. All she needs is a stage.




Lucky at this festival, there was plenty of this:


Sunday, a friend treated us to her tickets to a children’s theater since they were unable to attend. We went with unicorn on the cheek and pink hair. It was a great story/puppet show called The Man Who Planted Trees. This performance was spot on. Popcorn by the tubs, adult beverages, humor, audience participation, interesting story & great puppets.

After we went to the coolest restaurant in town: Home Slice Pizza. All the people who work there have a sign pinned to them that says ‘What’s Up Home Slice’. Hee Hee.

Missy Mack had her first Coca Cola.


This place is so funny. The kids coloring page has a place for them to draw Hall & Oates. Here is Missy Mack’s version.



They hang up all the pictures all over the restaurant. They have a D. J. That spins old school rap. It made me feel young. All the Mack’s were jammin at the table. I had the special slices. The most perfect pizza ever. The sauce is so good, the toppings are not cheap and the crust is amazing.


We actually had dessert. Mr. Mack and split the most divine slice of cheesecake. Divine. Missy Mack had the most giant piece of Rice Krispy.


They end the meal by asking you old school trivial pursuit questions for 10% off your ticket. We got all three of our questions wrong, but he still gave us the discount.

Other than my rage on Saturday, this turned out to be a perfect weekend.


Earth Day Ballet- a week later

29 Apr

Last week, Missy Mack’s ballet teacher directed, choreographed and danced in an Earth Day project called Hunger & Hurt. Her teacher is a lead modern dancer, which is very different for Missy Mack. The cool thing is it was held in an outdoor theatre on a perfect Spring day.






Also, for Earth Day, my student had to plan an Earth Day lesson for Missy Mack’s kindergarten class. It was cute.



It’s A Jungle Out There

26 Apr

Mr. Mack is on a mission to grow our own food. He and Missy Mack are gardeners. Keep in mind that we live in a condo with no yard. Therefore, our ‘garden’ is on the patio.

Mr. Mack tried out Topsy Turvy. Very interesting. I’m surprised the HOA isn’t having a fit.


Mr. Mack planted zucchini in a whiskey barrel and it is completely out of control.


There are plants on every square inch of our deck.


Now, little baby tomatoes and zucchinis are starting to appear.





They reach all the way to the ground. It’s crazy.

Mr. Mack’s calculations are that we should have 10-15 pounds of tomatoes.

Salsa anyone?

Daisy Scout Sleepover

23 Apr

We survived our first Girl Scout Sleepover Friday night. Missy Mack and I slept with 48 other people in the Austin Children’s Museum. Fun, right?

Sort of… These things seem like such a great idea 4 months ago when the idea was first presented, but when the day came, I wasn’t so sure. You would think the pure joy on my daughter’s face would make it worth it, but I’m still on the fence.

While looking for the garage we were to park in, we got mixed up in the Willie Nelson statue dedication. Good thing, this:


You can’t tell, but that is The Red-Headed Stranger himself in the passenger seat of the big bus.

We unloaded and set up camp in the museum.

Here’s where the dumb comes into the story. Our leader heard that they allowed adult beverages as long as you kept it secret. She called to verify this news and was told no, no alcohol allowed. What does she do? Walks into the snack room hoisting two bottles of wine in her hands and asks, ‘where do I put these?’. Once again, she was told by a volunteer that she didn’t think wine was allowed. The leader set up her bar on the washing machine in the back. The next thing you know, every adult with a child there has a paper cup with wine in hand. Just as I gave into peer pressure, the head of our sleepover that worked for the museum came in to announce:
‘it has come to our attention that the adults are drinking wine. There is no alcohol on the premises allowed’.
I got rid of my cup. The other moms did not, so the director of the museum came to visit with our troop leader. I overheard the conversation. It was all legit, but our leader would not let it go. Anyway our adult fun was over except for the few that we’re doing it right from the start and were sneaky.

Here’s the other weird thing, a girl in kindergarten, who is not in scouts, was somehow invited to the sleepover and we celebrated her birthday.


This girl IS THE LOUDEST CHILD I have ever met (I’ve met a lot of children).

After free play and pizza, we headed to stations. First up, Shrinky Dink necklaces.



Station 2, mini gardens.


Missy Mack didn’t pay attention to what seeds she planted so she decided shed label them ‘Mystery Mark’.


Best station was next: Homemade Solar Ovens. Lots of learning, steps and interest.



Last, they made bird feeders out of milk cartons and plastic lids. Recycled art. In this station a mom admitted that she had never used a hot glue gun. WTF? Who has never used a hot glue gun?



Then it was time teeth brushing and bed. Missy Mack said it was like a teeth brushing party in the bathroom.

Here’s where we slept.


Peaceful, right?

Some of the girls were running around singing ‘We say to the boys, We’re Sexy & We Know It!’ where do they get this stuff?

Best part, a mom handed out glow in the dark bracelets at lights out. Awesome.

I don’t think I slept at all. On the other side of the wall from where I was sleeping, was a parking lot for all the bars in the 2nd street district. I heard fights, drug deals and silly giggly college girls. Great sleeping.

The kids were up and ready to roll at 7 AM! Chanting ‘We want coffee!’


In their solar ovens in the morning were the goods to make s’mores. This was our Sunday treat.



After we got home, we still had to go to dance. Dance was good and in the way home I told Missy Mack we had to rest if she wanted to go see her ballet teacher in a performance that evening. She claimed she was not tired and didn’t need to rest. Before we got to the highway,


Is It Wrong?

14 Apr

That this is what our bathroom counter looks like?

Missy Mack has had a fever for 8 days. Yet, today, we are at ballet class and later be at a birthday party.

Is that Wrong?

This morning, when we took her temperature, it was 98.7. You could hear the cheering across Texas.

Poor kid has missed over a week of school with little complaint. She has been sick. Real sick. Down, quiet and snuggly.

Is it wrong that I sorta love it when she is sick?

She is sweet and loving and will cuddle. I love taking care of her. Of being a mom.

I sent an email to the patents hosting the Bday parties and told them to let me know if they had a problem with me bringing her. They were both cool with it.

I know the rule is, if you don’t go to school, you can’t do other activities, but it’s been 8 days. I think we would go crazy if we stayed in the house another day.

On a fun note, Missy Mack and I learned how to make cool bracelets yesterday.


He is Risen and so have I

10 Apr

A little dramatic, I know. I am going to make my come back or at least try.

We have been without Internet or cable for almost a month now because we are poor. I have read lots of books and seen lots of DVDs. Even learned about Blue Ray. It really is pretty cool. My favorite new movie is Rio.

My mom came in town and we did Easter right.



The sad part is Missy Mack has had a fever all weekend. Here’s my glassy-eyed girl Easter morning.


It all started Thursday at school when Missy Mack promptly threw up at school moments before board members were coming in to watch me teach with iPads and Mr. Mack had a meeting about a job. She went home and missed Rice Krispy eggs with her class.


I attempted Jello Jiggler eggs to help bring the fever down. While easy to make, I have had a hard time keeping them in their shape and getting Missy Mack to eat them.


Even though she was running a fever, she hunted eggs with great joy. We also drug her to church since two sets of grandparents were meeting us at church.



At least she had new Easter shoes as every girl should.


So, Happy Easter! I miss y’all.