He is Risen and so have I

10 Apr

A little dramatic, I know. I am going to make my come back or at least try.

We have been without Internet or cable for almost a month now because we are poor. I have read lots of books and seen lots of DVDs. Even learned about Blue Ray. It really is pretty cool. My favorite new movie is Rio.

My mom came in town and we did Easter right.



The sad part is Missy Mack has had a fever all weekend. Here’s my glassy-eyed girl Easter morning.


It all started Thursday at school when Missy Mack promptly threw up at school moments before board members were coming in to watch me teach with iPads and Mr. Mack had a meeting about a job. She went home and missed Rice Krispy eggs with her class.


I attempted Jello Jiggler eggs to help bring the fever down. While easy to make, I have had a hard time keeping them in their shape and getting Missy Mack to eat them.


Even though she was running a fever, she hunted eggs with great joy. We also drug her to church since two sets of grandparents were meeting us at church.



At least she had new Easter shoes as every girl should.


So, Happy Easter! I miss y’all.




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