Is It Wrong?

14 Apr

That this is what our bathroom counter looks like?

Missy Mack has had a fever for 8 days. Yet, today, we are at ballet class and later be at a birthday party.

Is that Wrong?

This morning, when we took her temperature, it was 98.7. You could hear the cheering across Texas.

Poor kid has missed over a week of school with little complaint. She has been sick. Real sick. Down, quiet and snuggly.

Is it wrong that I sorta love it when she is sick?

She is sweet and loving and will cuddle. I love taking care of her. Of being a mom.

I sent an email to the patents hosting the Bday parties and told them to let me know if they had a problem with me bringing her. They were both cool with it.

I know the rule is, if you don’t go to school, you can’t do other activities, but it’s been 8 days. I think we would go crazy if we stayed in the house another day.

On a fun note, Missy Mack and I learned how to make cool bracelets yesterday.



One Response to “Is It Wrong?”

  1. Cindy April 16, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    So glad she is feeling better! I too love when they are sick and cuddly!

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