Daisy Scout Sleepover

23 Apr

We survived our first Girl Scout Sleepover Friday night. Missy Mack and I slept with 48 other people in the Austin Children’s Museum. Fun, right?

Sort of… These things seem like such a great idea 4 months ago when the idea was first presented, but when the day came, I wasn’t so sure. You would think the pure joy on my daughter’s face would make it worth it, but I’m still on the fence.

While looking for the garage we were to park in, we got mixed up in the Willie Nelson statue dedication. Good thing, this:


You can’t tell, but that is The Red-Headed Stranger himself in the passenger seat of the big bus.

We unloaded and set up camp in the museum.

Here’s where the dumb comes into the story. Our leader heard that they allowed adult beverages as long as you kept it secret. She called to verify this news and was told no, no alcohol allowed. What does she do? Walks into the snack room hoisting two bottles of wine in her hands and asks, ‘where do I put these?’. Once again, she was told by a volunteer that she didn’t think wine was allowed. The leader set up her bar on the washing machine in the back. The next thing you know, every adult with a child there has a paper cup with wine in hand. Just as I gave into peer pressure, the head of our sleepover that worked for the museum came in to announce:
‘it has come to our attention that the adults are drinking wine. There is no alcohol on the premises allowed’.
I got rid of my cup. The other moms did not, so the director of the museum came to visit with our troop leader. I overheard the conversation. It was all legit, but our leader would not let it go. Anyway our adult fun was over except for the few that we’re doing it right from the start and were sneaky.

Here’s the other weird thing, a girl in kindergarten, who is not in scouts, was somehow invited to the sleepover and we celebrated her birthday.


This girl IS THE LOUDEST CHILD I have ever met (I’ve met a lot of children).

After free play and pizza, we headed to stations. First up, Shrinky Dink necklaces.



Station 2, mini gardens.


Missy Mack didn’t pay attention to what seeds she planted so she decided shed label them ‘Mystery Mark’.


Best station was next: Homemade Solar Ovens. Lots of learning, steps and interest.



Last, they made bird feeders out of milk cartons and plastic lids. Recycled art. In this station a mom admitted that she had never used a hot glue gun. WTF? Who has never used a hot glue gun?



Then it was time teeth brushing and bed. Missy Mack said it was like a teeth brushing party in the bathroom.

Here’s where we slept.


Peaceful, right?

Some of the girls were running around singing ‘We say to the boys, We’re Sexy & We Know It!’ where do they get this stuff?

Best part, a mom handed out glow in the dark bracelets at lights out. Awesome.

I don’t think I slept at all. On the other side of the wall from where I was sleeping, was a parking lot for all the bars in the 2nd street district. I heard fights, drug deals and silly giggly college girls. Great sleeping.

The kids were up and ready to roll at 7 AM! Chanting ‘We want coffee!’


In their solar ovens in the morning were the goods to make s’mores. This was our Sunday treat.



After we got home, we still had to go to dance. Dance was good and in the way home I told Missy Mack we had to rest if she wanted to go see her ballet teacher in a performance that evening. She claimed she was not tired and didn’t need to rest. Before we got to the highway,



2 Responses to “Daisy Scout Sleepover”

  1. starnesfam April 24, 2012 at 12:58 am #

    48? Are you high? Oh, hell, I hope you’re not now, but then instead. Damn.

  2. Cindy April 24, 2012 at 2:02 am #

    You are a better woman than me!

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