It’s A Jungle Out There

26 Apr

Mr. Mack is on a mission to grow our own food. He and Missy Mack are gardeners. Keep in mind that we live in a condo with no yard. Therefore, our ‘garden’ is on the patio.

Mr. Mack tried out Topsy Turvy. Very interesting. I’m surprised the HOA isn’t having a fit.


Mr. Mack planted zucchini in a whiskey barrel and it is completely out of control.


There are plants on every square inch of our deck.


Now, little baby tomatoes and zucchinis are starting to appear.





They reach all the way to the ground. It’s crazy.

Mr. Mack’s calculations are that we should have 10-15 pounds of tomatoes.

Salsa anyone?


One Response to “It’s A Jungle Out There”

  1. Cindy April 26, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    We have a garden on our side yard. It’s so fun when things start growing. BTW I have a great salsa recipe! See you tomorrow!

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