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Missy Mack’s view on gay marriage

12 May

Yes, I’m going there.

Not sure if I said this before, but we are a political family. In the Mack house we watch the national news, CNN, all the political shows on Sunday, blah, blah, blah…

That means that she has heard all the talk this week about the President’s views ‘evolving’ on gay marriage. She had lots of questions. We did our best to break it down to 6 year old terms.

Since then, Missy Mack cannot stop talking about how glad she is that the President thinks that you can marry who you love.

She is glad because she has decided when she grows up, she wants to marry a girl. This idea thrilled her because she says she likes girls better than boys. Of course she does.

I just wanted to go on record so that when we look back, we can say, ‘you’ve known since you were six that you would always love a girl’ or on a few years when she is boy crazy, we can say she didn’t always love boys.

Time will tell. I just wonder if she realizes at 6, she’s a liberal?


Wedding Crashers

8 May

This weekend a friend from school got married. This is her second marriage and his first. The plan at the beginning was courthouse with her boys. Then, he wanted a ceremony so they decided on a gazebo in the center of downtown (known for bums hanging out/living there) with family. By weeks end, he had invited his friends, made reservations at their favorite hang out joke and where there wasn’t flowers and cake before, there is now.

We asked if we could come and she was sweet and asked if we would be offended if we didn’t come because it had already grown into this thing that she didn’t want. We started joking that we were going to do a drive by. I think she thought we were kidding.

We were not.

My BFF, Missy Mack and I started circling the joint at 5 til ceremony. Found a hide out place that clearly sucked because we got busted when our car was in the background of pictures and were asked to move.

We moved on, circled and watched while they said their I dos. Our hearts were beating. We were so excited for her. Missy Mack was freaking out. She didn’t want people to think she was crazy.

When they kissed, we rolled down the window and started screaming and yelling. Whooping and hollering. It was so fun. When they hugged, she waved and we drove off.


Here is a picture from our lurking spot.