Where to start?

6 Jun

So much has happened lately, I am not sure where to start. Tomorrow, I present a training in front of many people in my district, so now that it’s planned, I feel like summer can begin.

The last week of school, Missy Mack and I were both sick. I know people say this every time they are sick, but I swear that I thought I was dying. I went to the doctor and they said, virile so no meds. That sucks. I think I am done going to the doctor.

Anyway, here is the comparison of Missy Mack on the first day of kindergarten and the last day of kindergarten. I can’t believe it!

The end of year has been full of fun parties for Missy Mack. One friend hosted a water gun party. Super cute. One very creative mom create this mural that greeted us as we arrived. So stinking cute!

Missy Mack was one of the few girls that attended so once the boys had moved on from water guns, the girls decided they would have ‘spa time’. Aren’t they cute?

One of the parents gifted the class with matching t-shirts that the class wore on the last day of school. Girls got pink and boys got blue. They were so cute.

Our 5th grade graduation is a big deal and very special to me this year because I just loved this class. The decorations were just darling. It had a Hot Air Balloon theme. They blew up balloons and created several clusters of white balloons to be clouds, a few giant blue balloons with yellow strings and attached to baskets to look like hot air balloons, they made smaller paper ones and paper clouds and hung them from the ceiling by the snack table and they used balloons with strings attached to flowers to decorate the stage, which they later gave the flowers to teachers in the building. Simple. Cute. Fun. Anyway, they did the cutest story during the ceremony. One of the kid’s parents are the people who wrote Spy Kids and they wrote this story of all the things that have happened since these kids were born. Every child had a speaking part or a prop party. They recited the story. It was so clever! They also showed the sweetest slide show that had pictures of the kids the entire time they have been at our school since kinder. Their sweet baby kinder faces and we watched them grow through the slide show, so I went and took pictures of all the kindergarten classes so that I would have those cute kinder faces recorded when it’s their 5th grade graduation.

Saturday, Missy Mack’s daisy troop had an ice cream and slip-n-slide party. The family that hosted this party just moved here from Washington. They had the best yard. Nice and shady. It was funny watching the girls approach the slip-n-slide in the beginning vs. the end. I can remember being nice a bruised up from the slip-n-slide.

What has the rest of the family been up to?

Mr. Mack started a new job. He still has the bike shop and for now is having to work on the weekends there, but we are hoping to stop that soon! He is anxious about this job. From what I can tell, it seems to good to be true, he is waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is an e commerce company that sets up companies online shopping site. We are in the midst of getting used to what Mr. Mack have a job is like. Lots to adjust to. I just can’t wait until we are adjusting to two incomes! Seeing that Mr. Mack has worked from home or at the bike shop for several years, being among the land of people who go to a job everyday has been the biggest adjustment for him.
Me? I have read the Fifty Shades trilogy and it has my mind spinning a little. Not because of kinky fuckery, but maybe the intimacy and how all relationships start that way but eventually something switches. I am going through Ana and Christian withdrawal. I hate missing characters when the books are over. I also sit around and think about how I want a body like Ana’s. I just sit around and think about it though, I am not actually doing anything about it, just thinking about it. I also cleaned and re-organized the pantry. I wish I would have taken before and after photos because I am impressed with myself. I am so proud every time I open the pantry door. I have also been cleaning out things that have been ignored while school was going.

I know, life is very exciting, but here it is. I miss y’all! Hopefully, now that summer is here, I’ll be around more.


One Response to “Where to start?”

  1. Cindy June 6, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

    I am sure your pantry rocks! Nothing like a freshly organized pantry for a Type A person like me. I am in the middle of the second book … and yes I too and wishing for Ana’s body and Christian’s clothing allowance! Geez!

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