Summer: Trains, Bulls, Skates & Friends

21 Jun

Let’s see it is the first real day of summer, and so far, I don’t have much to report nor do we have a great schedule or routine.

Here is Missy Mack after her first swim of the summer:

Missy Mack and Mr. Mack have written a song together called ‘Summer’s Just Begun’. Missy Mack wrote the lyrics and Mr. Mack came up with the melody. It is actually pretty good. I’ll have to record it and put up a video.

I have read 7 books so far and I am having trouble finding something interesting. I started reading on the iPaad and I love it, but I still like holding book and reading it. I have planned and taught a training for the district, hosted a dinner party and a play date. I have worked out once. I have slept til at least 9 AM every day and stayed up til midnight almost every night. It is lovely.

Missy Mack and I rode the train to Fort Worth last week. It costs $50 for the two of us. Missy Mack got to spread out and play with her Barbies all the way there. It makes 4 stops between Austin and Fort Worth. There is a dining cart for lunch (we skipped that part) and a snack lounge where I spent $10 on 2 bottles of water, a bag of chips, a bag of almonds and a bag of peanuts. My lesson: bring your own snacks. I could have had a $6 beer or wine, but I didn’t hsince it was early morning, this has never stopped me before but it did this time for some reason. Maybe it was the I could an entire 6 pack for the price of one thing. I was creeped out only once when a guy came into our cart, where we happened to be the only two people in there, and sat behind us. He ended up just sleeping but it felt strange. My mom picked us up at the FTW station and it is always a little sketchy, but she had some fun stories to tell. I enjoy train riding. You can prop your feet up, lay back, watch out the window, take a walk, have a snack and it is perfect for kids.

When we arrived in FTW, we headed straight to the stock yards for some Risky’s and to meet a friend with her new baby. Risky’s was a joint that my dad and grandpa went to at least 3 times a week. When I was older, I joined them for beers and fun. It holds a special place for me and it felt good to take Missy Mack there and tell stories of her grandfather that she will never know. Our friend spent many of those beer afternoons with us and she also has a fondness for the North Side. Her 6 year old and mine had a ball riding 25 cent horses and a mechanical bull. Surely the funniest thing of the day. Missy Mack immediately started screaming in a very dramatic fashion ‘STOP’! Then she got off the bull and began telling us how awesome it was!

That night I ran into a friend, who I used to teach with in Denton, who also has a 6 year old. It was so good to catch up so we made a few play dates for the girls while we were in town. Skating one day and Pops took the girls to Chuck E Cheese the next day ( I think he regretted that). Roller Rinks aren’t much different than there were in our day. I truly enjoyed watching the kids have fun and become braver each round. The funny thing is the girls ended up winning this game that the teenagers of the rink were going out of their way to cheat through. They got beat out by some 6 year olds with their walkers.

Here is a reference, this is the last time these two girls hung out with one another:

Next, I met another former teacher friend at Central Market for our girls to play together. It is so nice to remain friends with people that even though you don’t see each other often, it is just like old times when you are reunited. Her girls so dang cute!

Then, we happened to run into a friend from Missy Mack’s class, who was in Denton visiting her uncle, for ice cream at the famous Beth Marie’s.

We had our dessert first and then walked down to Tim Love’s Love Shack for a dang good burger. Missy Mack and Mr. Mack had to do some hard core posing in front first for a little daddy/daughter photo op on Pre-Father’s Day,

We had a fun relaxing trip and I just love being with my mom!


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