The Annual Events

12 Jul

The beginning of July is a fun time for the Mack family. Mr. Mack and I were married on July 1st 2000, so we celebrated our 12th anniversary this year. We splurged on a big date (a sitter, a play and a fancy dinner). A colleague of mine, has a very talented daughter, who does shows in area Austin theaters, so we got tickets to her latest irreverent show, Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson. Wildly funny, intimate setting, terrible sound, but a fun political satire, which is perfect for us and a bonus: they allow beers in the theater. Fabulous!

Since we were on the groovy East Side of Austin (link shows the new and improved East Side), we decided to enjoy a new swanky restaurant we have heard about it, but never had a chance to enter. We settled on Justine’s– a French joint in an old house with lots of old time jazz appeal. The meal was A-Mazing!

We had a salmon appetizer that was so very yummy, Mr. Mack had the Steak Frites

and I had the Mussels that were heavenly.

We course, had a Creme Brulee for dessert and a few glasses of wine. It was so fantastic to have an adult evening in a perfect spot.

Here we are with a one arm jack, the only way a couple a truly commemorate an anniversary.

Then, a few days later is the 4th, which works out so nicely when you can plan your vacation during your anniversary. That wasn’t the case this year, but Mr. Mack had the day off so we slept late, lounged in our pjs and ate yumminess. Isn’t this perfection?

We watched possible every firework show on television and then went out on our patio and watched every firework show in the Austin area. It is one of the greatest things about where we live. We are worried this was our last 4th here. Our lease is up at the end of August so we have to move. We love it here so we are hoping to find a condo in the same neighborhood.

Our good friend came over. We watched the fireworks and drank champagne.


Hope you guys had a great 4th too!


One Response to “The Annual Events”

  1. Cindy July 12, 2012 at 2:43 pm #

    So fun!! Love the 4th of July spread – looks delish! And Missy Mack and her poses – so precious!

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